Feels Like the First Time: False Lashes

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

To me, wearing false lashes has always seemed like an unnecessary extravagance, best reserved for a truly special occasion, if at all. In fact, the first and only time (prior to today) I ever donned a set of flutter enhancers was for a friend's wedding back in 2010. I wasn't even the one to apply them. One of the other bridesmaids in the wedding party had brought enough for everyone that day and I was convinced to try them on. I remember after getting ready, we walked the church aisle like it was our personal catwalk, and ate a ton of food outside in perfect 70 degree weather. I promptly proceeded to completely forget I had fake lashes on until later that night, when it came time to peel them off. Luckily they peeled off easily and without any casualties from my own lashes. And I didn't think about putting on another set until today.

So what changed? I started watching some YouTubers that focus on beauty. I believe the generally accepted term is 'beauty guru'. I disproportionately follow the Asian or Asian-American women since I know that their advice would probably work best for me since we share a similar skin tone and eye shape. At first, I had no idea that they were wearing falsies in their videos and thought they were blessed with naturally lush lashes or just bigger eyes in general (lashes make your eyes look wider). Then I saw a video where they explained their lash application wizardry and I picked up a pair from Sephora to check it out for myself.

Sephora Collection Mink False Lashes
Sephora Collection - Mink. Mini Review: Cross-hatch pattern good, lash length bad. (too long)
My weapon of choice was the Sephora Collection Mink style eyelash. It's made of mink and the lashes are arranged in a cross-hatch pattern. The lashes get longer towards the outer edge of the band, which leads to a flirty and fun look.

Here are the results!

On the left is the before picture and the right is with the lashes applied. My eyes appear larger and more defined in the picture on the right with the lashes applied.

Sephora Collection Mink False Lashes - Before and After
Left: Before. Right: After

One more picture since I went through the hassle of putting the lashes on.

Sephora Collection Mink False Lashes - After

I was pretty pleased with the results, especially since it didn't take much time or effort to pop the lashes on. I might argue that applying mascara takes longer if you are applying multiple coats. Will I be donning lashes more often? Definitely! I am definitely more likely to wear a set now that I've got my technique down. I don't know that I'd be wearing this particular set around town since they're really dramatic. I do recommend them for a night out or an event where photos would be taken.

Additionally, my certified fresh pick lashes for daily wear would be the Ardell Demi-Whispies. You can pick up a set here if interested. (affiliate link)

What's your opinion on daily lash wear?
Is it too high-maintenance, or a great finishing touch?


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