Brand Loyal to STYLENANDA 3CE Lipsticks?!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

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I've always been a pretty fickle person when it comes to well anything and everything, and generally speaking, this extends to my approach to my makeup collection. I love trying new brands and "groundbreaking" new products, but I think I may have found my match in the lipstick area. I'd been wanting to try the Stylenanda 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) brand for ages, and I recently caved and hauled their lipsticks and some eyeshadows. I posted about the eyeshadows not too long ago. And today I'm back again to rave about the lip colors.  Edit: just posted about their clothing and shoes here.

Packaging junkies will be happy to know that the lipsticks come clad in sturdy containers that are shiny (left most & right most tubes) or matte black a la Nars (middle tube). They do the 'click' noise and are great to throw in a handbag.

3CE Lipstick Packaging

So in the above photo, we have the Great Reveal. For what I believe is my first-of-many hauls from the brand, I wanted to make sure I ran the gamut in terms of what I tried. And so I picked up both the creamy and matte formulations and made sure to pop different varieties of shades into my shopping cart. Here you can see we have a nude and two brights.

3CE Lipstick Swatches

Here are the shades that are swatched above, from left to right. 

#3 ZOOM IN ($21.00) - an opaque, creamy magenta
#706 SWEET IMPACT ($20.00) - a bright, matte yellow-toned pink or coral shade
#11 LOVE HATE ($21.00) - an opaque, creamy pink nude with neutral undertones

Below are the lip swatches. Please excuse the condition of my lips. Also, I swatched them from lightest shade to darkest shade, in the interest of not having the darker one stain my lips and muddle up the lightest shade.

3CE Creamy Lip Color Lipstick  #11 Love Hate Swatch

#11 LOVE HATE - I am definitely not ambivalent toward this lipstick. In fact, it has won me over and become my favorite nude as the shade is dark enough to not wash me out (I believe myself to be about NC 20 ish) and it is a refreshing break from all of the brown and mauve-y nudes that rule the market here in the States. It also goes with every eye look, though it pairs with a smoky eye exceptionally well. I am also extremely impressed with the staying power. It lasts longer than all of my other creamy lipsticks and fades evenly leaving behind a nice stain. You can see though that it can settle into your fine lines. It is however, pretty forgiving to the texture of your lips because as you'll see in the next swatch below, my lips are currently in poor condition.

3CE 706 Lipstick Sweet Impact Swatch

#706 SWEET IMPACT - This is going to be one of my favorite spring shades, I can already tell. I love that it is almost neon coral but not quite, and the yellow undertone is so flattering on my Asian skin. I don't know why I didn't convert to Korean (or Asian) lipstick brands earlier. DUH! It should have been obvious to me from the start that it would be a bit more fool-proof to find good shades for my skin tone. It also has good staying power since it has a matte finish. Make sure to moisturize your lips beforehand as it clings to dry patches. This is actually the shade I'm wearing in a toned down fashion in my profile picture on the sidebar!

3CE #3 Zoom In Swatch Lipstick

#3 ZOOM IN - Hey you guys, real shocker for you... I like this one too. It's a nice magenta that is bright but not so loud as to be garish. It's not too cool and it brightens up your face. I'd rock this on a low maintenance day where you want to look put together but don't want to put that much effort into your face like with eyeshadow etc. Again, it's got good staying power and fades evenly which is super important for a bright shade. This shade can be worn muted or at full intensity, shown below.

3CE #3 Zoom In Swatch

If you think they look good on in real life, you should check out how gorgeous they look on the models on the site!

Yes, so there you have it. I am officially brand loyal to 3CE for their lip products. I'm sick of picking up cult favorite lipsticks and finding out they make me look like a clown or like I belong in a shroud. I'm looking at you Revlon Cherries In The Snow and MAC Myth. I'll probably post about my most disappointing lip products in the future so look out for that.

Do you have any of the 3CE lip products?
What are your favorites?



Claudia Zhu said...

Ahahaha, great review! These lipsticks look gorgeous both inside and out :P I've been eyeing 3CE for quite some time, I think I need to get something from this brand

Joan Lee said...

:) They're awesome! Hope to see your thoughts on them as well sometime.

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