Recreating the Runway Graphic Liner Look

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Some unretouched photos of Beyonce leaked a little while back and everyone was freaking out over the fact that she indeed is a human. I liked her makeup from the photo so I took it as inspiration to try a look I've seen on many a runway and ad campaign.

Beyonce Unretouched
photo by

Step 1: Acquire tools.

Those would be some tape, I only had heavy duty duct tape around. Hey, serious Joan is serious.

Next, I picked a black eyeshadow in my collection. I wanted to try out the not-quite-black shimmer in the Definer pan of the right side of the Wet N Wild Comfort Zone eyeshadow palette.

I picked up an eyeshadow brush, probably something with a flat top.

Lastly, I picked a red for the lip. I chose Revlon's Really Red which is supposed to dupe MAC Russian Red.

I skipped primer and base and everything because this was largely an act borne of madness and boredom, and not a serious effort at a look in which to leave the house. Although I am posting it on the internet so I guess it is leaving the house in a way. Whatever, I digress.

Step 2: Create desired shape with tape.

Bey's is more almond shape, but since my eyes are already almond-shaped, I decided to wing it out for a change.

Step 3: Apply shadow. 

Make sure to pack it on instead of sweeping or brushing it on for a more saturated color.
Color Between The Lines

 Step 4: Admire your hard work and *try* to look like a badass and not a pleb.

Sorry for the lighting, I did this at night.

Graphic Eyeliner

Would you ever leave the house with makeup this noticeable?


Updated April 13, 2015.

I've played around with this look a bit more and have adjusted the eyeliner shape, and think it's much more flattering. Instead of solely lining the upper lid and flicking upwards, I've lined both the upper lid and the lower lash line on the outermost third, connecting them in a carat like shape. This, I think I'd actually wear out of the house. See below for detail.

Graphic Liner Look

Graphic Liner and Red Lip - Revlon Really Red
You still have to try and channel a badass like Rihanna.

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