Still Reaching For Wet N Wild Comfort Zone in 2015

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Last time, I talked about the Wet N Wild Silk Finish Lipsticks and how they rock your world without rocking your wallet and I thought I'd review the remainder of my Wet N Wild collection since we've covered a lot of it already (Mega Last lipsticks featured here and here.) These items would be the Wet N Wild Color Icon Collection Eyeshadow Set in Comfort Zone 738 and the Mega Liner Liquid Liners in Black and Plum (review coming soon).

So, topic of the day... 

Wet N Wild Comfort Zone Palette

Comfort Zone is somewhat of a drugstore holy grail in the beauty world with it being the pillar of many a girl's drugstore starter kit (starter kit/gateway drug, tomayto/tomahto) and for good reason.

-Value is excellent at $0.62 per eyeshadow since it is priced at about $5.00 (at most of the time. They also go on sale from time to time and some people have snagged them for $3.00!
-Above average quality with 6/8 shadows being very pigmented and 2/8 being buildable to full pigment.
-Easy enough for anyone to apply (even me!). It even includes guidelines for beginner application on the back of the palette and imprinted on the eyeshadows themselves.
-All shades are neutral except the green Eyelid shade on the right hand side.
-There is one insanely beautiful and not at all basic duochrome blue-brown shade that is a dupe for a MAC shadow... It's the Definer shade on the right hand side.

-It's not the worst I've seen, but you will encounter some fallout.
-Dual-sided applicator sucks as* . The brush side is very harsh and scratchy and you probably already know that sponge tip applicators are just not preferable for eyeshadow application.
-Packaging is cheap plastic and can come unhinged if you are not careful.

Below are the swatches on my currently NC20 skin. The photo was taken in natural light. The top row is the left side of the palette and the bottom row is the right side. I've included a closeup of the blue-brown duochrome to make sure you could see how beautiful it is. 

Wet N Wild Comfort Zone Swatches, Top Row = Left Side.
On the right, you'll see the infamous MAC Blue-Brown eyeshadow dupe.
The two shadows that needed building were the top right shade which is the Left Side - Browbone shade, and the bottom right shade which is the Right Side - Browbone shade. I don't actually think that this is a con since you don't want to go overboard with highlights anyway.

Below are two looks I've done with the set. The first look was done using the left side, and the second look was done with the right side.

wet n wild comfort zone look fotd left side daytime smoky brown eye
FOTD using all 4 colors from the left side

FOTD using the Crease and Definer shades from the right side

Behind the scenes I'm low-key patting myself on the back for doing my first halo eye in the second look. Also, in case you're wondering, the lip color in both instances was Revlon Coralberry.

This palette is one of the most versatile out there. The two looks shown today are just two of many that can be achieved. Whether I'm looking for a sheer wash of color, to a warm or stark smoky eye, or a Poison-Ivy inspired green EOTD... I'm reaching for Comfort Zone... still. In 2015. Holler if you're with me! Or if you're intrigued, splash out for one and tell me your thoughts!

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Elise Tessin said...

Awesome post! I'm gonna have to take out my own Comfort Zone palette now and play around with it!

Joan Lee said...

Thanks! Yeah it's definitely a classic. Do you have any other palettes you're into lately?

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