Mentholatum Sunplay Super Block PA++++ Sunscreen

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mentholatum Sunplay PA++++ Sunscreen | Amore Pacific SPF 50+ CC Cushion

This post has been split. This particular review will focus on the Mentholatum Sunplay Super Block PA++++ SPF 130. If you are looking for my thoughts on the Amore Pacific CC Cushion SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum in 104 Tan Blush, please go here.

The cardinal rule of giving good face for decades on end is to protect your skin from the sun. The sun can wreak havoc on your skin causing sun spots, discoloration, wrinkles, uneven texture, and of course the most serious affliction, skin cancer. It's of utmost importance to apply sun block every day, rain or shine. Those UV rays do not take personal days. I wanted to talk about two products I've recently added to my regimen to account for the increased sun exposure that comes with warming temps.  These are the Mentholatum Sunplay Super Block PA++++ SPF 130 and the AmorePacific CC Cushion SPF50+ Broad Spectrum in 104 Tan Blush. Look at them fitting right in with my other sun-blocking things. :)

My sun care arsenal
Mentholatum Sunplay Super Block PA++++ SPF 130

I want to call your attention to exciting new developments in Asia, namely Japan, where a new generation of sunscreens have been born bearing the designation PA++++. 

What does PA++++ mean?
Well, first let's note the basics, namely that UVB rays are the skin cancer causing rays while UVA rays are known to cause wrinkles. You may be familiar with the SPF rating system, which measures the effectiveness of sunscreens against UVB rays. The PA rating system is Japan's measure of sun protection against UVA rays. PA ranges from PA+ (lowest level of protection) to PA++++ (highest).

I chose to purchase the Mentholatum Sunplay Super Block because it is one of the newer sunscreens that have earned the PA++++ designation and has a generous level of SPF protection as well. It is a combination of physical and chemical uv filters. I've verified that the chemical filter is photo-stable and actually fights free radicals. Additionally, it has no alcohol in the formula - neither simple nor complex. It's marketed as having hyaluronic acid, for those of us with dry and aging skin, and it has no acne trigger warnings via COSDNA ingredients analysis here. Might I also highlight that it's waterproof? What an all-arounder!

How does it perform?
I was not disappointed with this product. It is a white milky liquid which spreads easily. Though it takes a lot longer to dry down than a sunscreen with alcohol in the formula, this dries virtually clear and matte on my NC20 skin. There is only the slightest white cast (on light skin), which really amounts to my complexion looking a bit lighter and brighter. Edit: Someone has confirmed to me that the white cast is strong on darker complexions.

It feels very comfortable on. I find that I can apply makeup over the top IF it is a hydrating base and IF it has low to medium coverage. In these cases, the base will play nice with the sunscreen without bunching, pilling, or causing uneven texture. (Avoid using full coverage foundations or alphabet creams that require brush application). If you rub your face after the full application, that may no longer be the case. True to the COSDNA analysis, it did not break me out. 

I want to note that I have dry skin, and while it was not as hydrating as the claims made it out to be, it did not cause extra dryness. I think this is suitable for those with dry-normal skin. I've included some pictures below that show the before and after affects of the product.

Dries within 20 seconds

Don't freak out when you see the middle photo, the white cast is only temporary!

I think that if you are accustomed to using alcohol-free sunscreens and do not mind a longer dry down time, you may enjoy this item. It's also a great body sunscreen since it is waterproof and sweat-proof. I am going to repurchase this sunscreen and give this a wholehearted BUY rating. You can get it at Rakuten for $4.79 


Or if you prefer, Amazon carries it too: Mentholatum Sunplay Super Block PA++++ SPF 130  where it is ~$12 for a 35 gram bottle).

Thanks for reading!
xx Joan

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