The $0.89 Lipstick You Need In Your Life: Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipsticks

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hot off the heels of a review done by one of my favorite bloggers, Musings of a Muse, I wanted to pipe in on one of my favorite drugstore discoveries in life, the Wet N Wild Silk Finish Lipsticks, pictured below. Weighing in at only $0.89 at Walgreens, these are a cheap thrill you don't want to miss.


Wet N Wild Silk Finish Lipstick Swatches

You'll notice across the board that the shades are vibrant and have a sheen to them. That sheen is what makes this lipstick unique. I hesitate to call them frosty because there's such a connotation with that word, but there are little flecks of glitter in the formula. It's not like herpes of the art world shards of glitter, but rather teensy specks of micro-, nay, nano-glitter. You'll see that it affects each of the shades differently. 

514A Cherry Frost is my favorite of the bunch. The shade is a cherry red that apparently can pull warm or cool on different skin tones. On my skin it reads as a cool pinkish-red. The glitter in this shade is gold in tone and is more prominent than in other shades. I adore it because it reminds me of strawberries and champagne. This one also makes me a wee bit nostalgic because it brings me back to my teenage days when all the magazines were advising us to pat gold eyeshadow on the bottom lip over a red lipstick. Does anyone else remember that? Bueller?

520E Hot Paris Pink is an amped up rose pink that has like one silver glitter molecule part per million. You'll see it ghosting around in the tube, but you won't really see it on your lips. This shade is my least favorite. I bought it because in theory a hot pink is right up my alley but in real life, this particular one is pretty garish. Just my opinion, I'm sure other people may see it differently. 

545A Blushing Bali is a nude Kylie Jenner shade with a twist. In the tube, BB has silver glitter, but on the lips it pulls a disappearing act and leaves you with a glossy-looking nude lip. 

525D Retro Pink is way out of my comfort zone as the bluest pink I own, but I actually really enjoy wearing this out of the house. I like the looks of fear I get from people who are wary of the 80's ever coming back. This is the only shade that I'd actually call frosty as you can see the silver glitter on the lips.

Look at the colors below on ma face.
Wet N Wild Silk Finish Lipstick Lip Swatches

The ingredients list includes vitamins A, B, and aloe vera. As such, the formula of these lipsticks glides on easily and is non-drying. It is opaque at first swipe and has a fairly average wear time of 4-6 hours (average for a creamy lipstick). There's also a light nondescript scent. It just smells like lipstick.  

"OMG look how pretty the Wet N Wild packaging is" said no one ever. Wet N Wild as a brand are not known for their packagingYou can see by the picture below that it's always got some form of cheap, clear plastic. I'm not really complaining because the products are cheap as chips. I only complain if it actually comes apart like my Comfort Zone palette.

Ok, so very much like the Megalast lipsticks, the Silk Finishes do not swivel all the way down, making them both prone to nicking and less than ideal to throw in a purse. I guess you could always depot it into an old lip balm tub and carry it that way with a little lip brush.

Wet N Wild Silk Finish Lipstick
Wet N Wild packaging is a fustercluck

For $0.89, are you not intrigued? Go grab one for yourself and let me know what you think! 

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P.S. a sidenote about the pictures on this site. Regrettably, I haven't owned a nice camera since the iPhone launched so I rely on my phone for pictures. I recently read somewhere that the picture quality is much better if using the front facing camera (not the selfie-side), but I found that my (lip) swatches were more true to color when using the selfie-side. Please let me know your thoughts or any tips you have for iPhone photography! Thanks!! xx

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