I Try Purple Lipstick: 3 Concept Eyes #602 V a Dupe for MAC Heroine?

Monday, May 11, 2015

I'm having a big purple moment in my life right now. I'm wearing it on my eyes, my cheeks, and now my lips.

Purple has always been underrepresented in my lipstick stash because it just didn't seem that approachable to me. I mean there are a lot of bold lipstick colors, but purple is the kind of color that really gets you noticed. Plus, I found myself wondering if it clash or pop with the yellow undertone of my skin. I turned to the blogosphere only to find that there's a serious lack of Asian beauty bloggers sporting the truest shade of the hue, making it tough to picture how it would look on me. So I sez to myself "so what?" and pick one up anyway.

Meet 3CE #602 V. Like a secret agent, it does not have a regular name or surname like you or I. It's a HBIC like that. I've included a shot of it below next to the only other shade I have that pushes purple - Essence Wear Berries.

3 Concept Eyes 3CE 602 V #602 V 602V #602V Lipstick Review Swatch
So secret ssso ssseductive - 3CE #602 V. Essence Wear Berries.

If you look at the swatches below you'll see that while Wear Berries has some pink and plum in the mix, #602 V is pretty spot on purple. It doesn't lean blue, it doesn't lean pink, it's right in the middle. I think if it had more blue in it, it would look more like a statement lipstick, much like the NYX Macarons. The fact that it's more neutral (HA, purple and neutral in the same breath) makes it easier to wear, and gives you more options with your eye makeup. Also, doesn't 602 V looks a lot like MAC Heroine?

3 Concept Eyes 3CE 602 V #602 V 602V #602V Lipstick Review Swatch

One swipe will do you since it is very pigmented and opaque. If you do build up additional layers, you'll amp it up to its full neon potential. 

I sound like a broken record but the formula of 3CE lipsticks are really great. My addiction didn't just come out of nowhere. This particular shade is a pseudo matte. It's got the longevity of a matte lipstick, but the finish isn't completely devoid of light-reflecting properties. It also doesn't feel drying. If you're looking for a MAC Heroine dupe that is comfortable to wear, this might be for you. There's no noticeable scent and it wears for about 5-6 hours. It stands up to eating non-oily foods and drinking. Lastly, the bold pigmentation makes it easier to hide any imperfections or dryness you may have going on.

This is how it looks on my face. I kept it pretty simple with some gold eyeshadow and highlight dusted across the top of my cheekbones with some peachy pink blush. Unfortunately my potato (iPhone) didn't really capture the eyeshadow in the photos but I really like how it looks with the purple. Park Sora sports 602 V with an on-trend white eyeliner flick on the official website.

3 Concept Eyes 3CE 602 V #602 V 602V #602V Lipstick Review Swatch
Whoops, having a bad eyeliner day

Now, I don't own MAC Heroine, but you can see how it looks on someone with a similar skin tone as me here.

If this is something you want to try for yourself, I purchased this lipstick on the official Stylenanda website for $20. If you prefer to shop YesStyle, they have it for $19.90. (affiliate link)

Is it hard to pull off in public?

I'm kinda bummed to say that I lost my nerve just before leaving the house and ended up sheering it out (the first time I wore it). I've since been whipping it out quite a bit! The last two pics pretty much show how I've been wearing it since then.

3 Concept Eyes 3CE 602 V #602 V 602V #602V Lipstick Review Swatch

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