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Saturday, May 23, 2015

home hairstyling tips Beauty Bible 2015 Korea

When it comes to the hair department, I've always hidden behind the moniker of "low-maintenance", but at the end of the day if I'm real honest about it, I'm just a dunce when it comes to hair.

You know when you get so overwhelmed that you just decide to not try at all? Welp, that's me with my hair. In high school and college, I used to dabble in hair straighteners and I know I must have a graveyard of rusted curling irons somewhere in the house, but for the past 5 or so years I've been a member of the Church of Air-Dry. Oh, I try to get motivated every once in awhile, especially after a spate of Youtube hair tutorials but I'm at Level What's-A-Hairbrush? and most of those tutorials are at Level Fishtail-Braid.

Well, just yesterday, Beauty Bible, a Korean tv show about beauty trends, did a segment on at-home hairstyling that was actually on my level. Hooray! I had to share in case you missed it!

The hair styling segment takes place between 8:50 and 18:05.

You're drying your scalp, not your hair.
You should dry the down-low areas like the nape of your neck and by your ears first to get volume and also to reduce dry-time since heat rises.
Boar bristle brushes are for straightening and plastic pin brushes are for volumizing your roots.
When using curlers, place them in your hair as close to vertical as possible to avoid a visible curler line (or VCL gasp!) in the hair.
If you have bangs, roll the curler forward towards your face. If you don't, wind the curl away from your face.

Here's me trying some of these tips out so my hair doesn't look like scheisse for once.

home hairstyling tips Beauty Bible 2015 Korea
Eyes: Wet N Wild Comfort Zone Cheeks: Peripera Cushion Blusher Ah Coral Lips: Uslu Airlines HOH

Are you a hair wizard or dunce like me? What tips and tutorials have helped you the most?

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