June Favorites 2015

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Yeah I don't think I like doing Favorites all that much. It makes me really hyper aware of how fast time is flying by! BUT I do like reading or watching videos on other people's favorites so I guess that's why I'm still doing them. On with the show.


why are there random props & things here? i dunno. because all the other bloggers are doing it? 
I have a lot of makeup that I enjoyed wearing this month which include...
  • 3CE 3 Concept Eyes Eyeshadow in Star Seed
  • Peripera Cushion Blusher in Ah Coral or Happy Coral
  • Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Spice Spice Baby
  • *ModelCo Lipstick in Get Naked
  • *K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Liner MICRO
*I recently stated I was going to de-stash these but had a change of heart because... hold up, wait a minute,  I'll tell you the reason why I didn't.  down below

I also have one skincare favorite which is my Garden of Wisdom Rose Hip Oil.
And lastly, rounding out the pack are my sunglasses from Nastygal.


I'm also testing out a new bb cream. What do you think?
Well, I've been wearing this look a lot lately which is kinda a hybrid Korean/Western look. The eye look is inspired by trends from the land of the morning calm while the lips follow the 90's look that's popular in the U.S. right now.

I love the 3 Concept Eyes Star Seed eyeshadow which is a straight up orange glitter, I kid you not.. because it gives a ton of gorgeous reflect above and below the eyes.  

The Peripera Cushion blusher in Ah Coral is just hands down becoming my favorite warm weather blush because it's just such a pretty, easy peach coral color. I highly recommend this Ah Coral shade. It's got a good amount of pigment and isn't too sheer which can happen with some of the other lighter shades. It's also got a cushion applicator that's about the shape and size of the apple of your cheek so it's the easiest thing to dab on in just the right spot and even easier to blend out with your finger or the applicator itself. It lasts all day, even when it's hot and humid out. What's more is that it cools down your cheeks because... actually I have no idea why it feels cooling. It's sorcery. *Just a little update* The cream starts to separate a bit if you neglect using it for too long.

Ok, so I starred the ModelCo lipstick in Get Naked because in my Disappointing Products post, I had stated that I didn't like it and that I was going to de-stash it because it felt cheap. I do stand by my statement that it's not the best formula I've tried. In fact, it was way too soft and ended up getting crushed by the cap, so it's not even in bullet form anymore. I have to apply it with a lip brush. BUT I ended up keeping this because I found a use for it. I've been using it in the center of my lips, whenever I use a mauve or rose color to add a 3D effect. It also works well as the base color of a gradient lip as well.

I wear Too Faced La Creme Lipstick Spice Spice Baby more in the winter because the formula is really creamy and the color is a darker rose/mauve. But it caught my eye again recently, and it smells like lemon bars, so I started using it a lot. 

I trashed the K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner MICRO a few times in earlier posts. I didn't find it impressive as an eyeliner. It wasn't that black, and it didn't have good staying power on its own without being set by a powder or cream base, so I was getting ready to toss it. Then I discovered a new use for it. I now use this on my brows! The micro tip is so thin, it looks like a needle making it ideal for drawing in realistic looking brow hairs! I've been using this on the inner part of my brows and finishing the rest off with my trusty brow gel from elf. It's really upped my brow game... which is about to be further improved hopefully when my new brow stencils get here. More on those in a future post.

The 2nd & 3rd swatches from the left are the Peripera blush applied heavily, and blended out. 페리페라] 앗 마치 수줍어 쿠션 블러셔/쿠션으로 톡톡 양볼에서 차오르는 사랑스런 생기 블러셔 아!황홀한코랄
My skincare favorite, the Garden of Wisdom Rose Hip Oil is just one of the oils I have on rotation as someone with dry skin. I use oils as the last step of my nighttime skincare routine, yes even after the sleeping pack! (I'll post my almost stabilized routine very soon.) The oil seals in all of the earlier hydration steps, and absorbs well overnight. Which leads me to wake up the next day with soft baby skin. The rose hip oil is awesome for summer because as you can see above, it is very thin. Actually, it's thin but not dry. It's also one of the oils that have the highest antioxidant content. I'll be doing a comparison post on all of my oils shortly.

I needed to give a shout out to my sunglasses from Nastygal. That site is an awesome source for sunglasses for people who are sure they will lose them. Most of their sunnies look really fun, offer broad spectrum UV protection for your eyes, and cost less than $20.

Anywho, I stand behind these picks. They all 쩔어쩔어 (aka are awesome. BTS out).

What have you been loving lately?

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