GET IT BEAUTY 2015 Perfect Hips Episode Show Notes 9/16/2015

Thursday, September 17, 2015

This week's show was NOT about the face, but all about the booty. I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested but just in case you are, and in the interest of promoting better health, here are the show notes!

1:09 Special Guests
Former Miss Korea and Physical Trainer Jung Areum (wearing black/red) "I will turn your A cup behind into a C cup"
Physical Trainer Rae Yi Yang (wearing blue)

3:18 The "Lovely Hip Girl Project" Begins
Host: Lately the trend has been voluminous and lifted butt. Many people have been working out so hard to achieve this but why? I mean, we have boobs... why do we need to work on our behinds? Why is that? (Gets the male perspective from male host)
Male Host: You can have a pretty bust area, but that just means you have a pretty bust area. But if your butt is pleasing to look at, it means you have a nice figure overall. And the biggest part of the "S line" (Korean term for an S-shaped body line, seen as ideal) is the butt.
Host: True, and if you see someone with big boobs, you just think, oh she was born with them, while if you see someone with a nice butt, you think, wow she worked really hard for that.
Host: It's so true, and it's a lifestyle. Turns to special guests Please tell us more about your lifestyle and any good habits you'd like to promote.
Rae:  I rarely sit. Even when I brush my teeth, I'll do it while squatting. It's become a habit.
Host: So do you even have any chairs at home? LOL do guests have to squat when coming over for dinner? What about you Trainer Jung?
Jung: There are those who carry a lot of stress with them, even when sleeping. I think circulation is also really important, so I tend to sleep naked. Lee Hanui host (in dark pink) also admits to this. I really think that people who are into working out a lot tend to sleep without a lot of clothes on.

5:54 Types of Butts (not transcribed, just notes)
The Male - narrow width and low volume
The Reverse White Bread - lots of volume on the bottom half of the butt, sagging
The Hippo - bigger, lots of volume, older aunties tend to have this shape
The Peach - it's small and lifted
The Duck - voluminous and sticks out

9:00 The "Hip Up to the Sky" Workout Notes
Jung: I want to teach you all of the best moves, but all I have for you today are squats. BUT I will be teaching you the best types of squats for you to do in order to achieve your goals. I'll teach you how to do them properly, and during this time, please learn the best squat for your butt type.

GOOD FOR Hippo bums It works the topmost part of the buttock.
FORM (1) Feed spread wider than the mat facing forward. (2) Tilt your hips so that you butt sticks out a little bit by leaning over a bit. (3) Then drop down until your legs are parallel to the ground, and then sway your hip from left to right, and vice versa, like a viking boat ride. (4) Then come back up. Repeat.

GOOD FOR Male bums You use all of your hip muscles to build the area up.
FORM (1) Feet are spread about hips width and place your hands above your buttocks. (2) Drop down until your legs are parallel to the ground, come back up. (3) Fold at the hips, leaning forward with your chest, letting your knees bend softly. Return to neutral.
Host Soyou's (in light pink) pro tip is to make sure to stand straight, tuck the tailbone slightly to keep the core tightly knit and together. She also quickly corrects the form of one of the audience members whose heels were floating up while doing a squat. Lee Hanui host cautions those new to these moves to not go all the way down.

GOOD FOR White Bread bums This move lifts the bottom part of the buttock and stretches the area where the hamstrings meet the buttock.
FORM (1) Feet spread hips width and facing forward. Take a towel, hold it tight on both ends and place it in front of your hips. (2) Squat down, come back up. (3) Then fold at the hips, and leading with your hands, take the towel and move it down the length of your legs until you hit the calf area, letting your knees bend softly as you do.

The hosts are invited to talk about their fave moves...
ALTERNATING LEG SKATER SQUATS - Kim Jung Min Host (in white) jumps from side to side, each time landing in a squat position on the landing leg. The other leg stretches/reaches behind the landing leg about a 1 - 1 1/2 feet behind, like a figure skater. Host Soyou (light pink) adds a modification to hold on to something for balance, and just squat on one leg, bringing the other behind like a figure skater.
CLAM SHELLS - While lying down on one side, with your head propped up on your hand, and knees bent as though in a table top position (just on the side instead of on the back) open up the top leg until the knee faces skyward. Bring the knee back down. Repeat. Host Soyou's (light pink) tip is to again make sure that the core is straight, this time by making sure the top hip is aligned directly above the bottom hip.
WIDE-LEGGED FORWARD BEND WITH SHOULDER STRETCH - Feet are wider than the mat and facing forward. Clasp the hands behind the back, allowing the shoulder blades to come towards each other and making sure the front ribs are not sticking out, bring them back in to have a straight strong core. Then folding over the hips, bring your head towards the ground while lifting the hands over the head. Those with tight hamstrings can incorporate a micro-bend in the knees. Then stretch the hands away from your back to deepen the shoulder stretch.

Rae: (self-proclaimed "devil trainer")   I'll now teach you some moves to achieve the perfect golden ratio for your "hip line", which includes the bum, the legs, and the hips.

FORM (1) Lie down flat on the belly, legs are spread hips width, toes are flexed and the arms are stretched out in front. (2) Lift up the arms and legs and hold with core and buttocks tight. Imagine someone pulling your arms and legs apart. (3) Rest.

There's a Child's Pose break.

FORM (1) Lie down flat on the belly and bending at the knees, stick the feet together. Drop your shoulders if they've floated up towards the ears and send them backwards a bit. (2) Reach for and hold onto the tops of the feet. (3) Lift while tucking the tail bone to protect the lower back.

FORM (1) Lie down on the back with knees bend, and feet flat on the floor.  Arms are down on either side of the hips. The neck is long and flat against the floor. (2) Lift the tailbone, then the bum, then the hips and torso. The knees should stay in line and not splay out. (3) Rest.
MODIFICATIONS For a challenge, while up in the bridge pose, take one leg and stretch it out, holding yourself up with just the opposing leg. Switch.

FORM (1) Start on hands and knees, with knees aligned under the hips, and the hips at a neutral position, not curved away/towards the floor (2) Spin the arms away from one another so that the fronts of the elbows face forward. (3) Take one leg and lift it up laterally, so that the knee and thigh is parallel to the floor. (4) Bring the leg back down, and switch.

Singer Park Boram's main beauty tip in the weekly Talking Mirror segment was to wash with rice bran water (rice bran has a pH between 5-6) twice a week for its brightening effects.

Did you enjoy this episode? Are you about working out the booty?

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