October 2015 Week 3 K-beauty News & Launches

Saturday, October 17, 2015

New Atopalm Real Barrier Line (as featured on Get It Beauty)
The new Real Barrier line from Atopalm features a proprietary Ceramide complex with allantoin. There are 2 cleansers, 2 creams, an eye cream, a mist, an essence, and serum here.

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BRTC added 2 new Cleansing Oils to the Lineup

The new Perfect Pore Tightening Cleansing Oil and the Vitalizer Brightening Cleansing Oils retail for 21000 KRW here. I use the jasmine cleansing oil from this line myself.

New Mamonde Flower Perfumed Hand Creams

The 5 new hand creams come in Camellia Petal, Cherry Blossom, Gardenia Dream, Lavender Marine, and Rose Bouquet. They retail for 7000 KRW here.

SNP's NEW Eun Yoon Oriental Medicine Line 

The line contains 7 kinds of ginseng.
Eun Yoon Cleansing Foam 16000 KRW here.
Eun Yoon Emulsion 33600 KRW here.
Eun Yoon Skin (Toner) 30400 KRW here.
Eun Yoon Cream + Set 64000 KRW here.

Missha also has a new Hanbang (Korean Oriental Medicine) Line called the ChoGongJin Line

The feature ingredients of this line are lotus, roots, ginseng, and mushrooms.
Chogongjin Skin (Toner) 37000 KRW here.
Chogongjin Essence 43000 KRW here.
Chogongjin Lotion 37000 KRW here.
Chogongjin Cream 60000 KRW here or 40000 KRW here.

New at Skinfood

They've added to the Royal Honey line and the Black Sugar line here.
The Royal Honey line has a new cream, eye cream, serum, emulsion, and toner.
The Black Sugar line has a new scrub, cleansing serum, cleansing oil, scrub foam, and cleansing cream.


The Face Shop x Jeremyville Collection

7 shades of nail polish, each 3000 KRW (< $3) here.
Jeremyville Intense Cover CC Cushion available in 3 shades for 13520 KRW (<$13.52) here.
Limited Edition Jeremyville Ink Lipquids to be released on 10/30.

Laneige Beauty Tools

Laneige has released 15 makeup brushes and an eyelash curler. The prices range from 8000 KRW to 28000 KRW here.

NEW ADDITIONS to the Apieu x Doraemon Collection

There are 3 new Doraemon All in One Perfume Mists in Garden Grass, Fruity Blossom, and Cotton Mild, each retails for 8500 KRW.
There are 2 new Air Fit Nude Foundations in shades 21 and 23 for 7800 KRW.
There are 2 contour kits called the Small Face Shading Kit Doraemon Edition in 1 Modern Shape and 2 Edge Shape; retails for 9000 KRW.
There are 2 Shaping Brow Kits in 1 Dark Brown and 2 Light Brown for 6000 KRW.
The collection can be shopped here.

Son and Park Cushion & New Lip Crayon Colors

The Air Chou foundation comes in 2 colors 21 and 23 and retails for 32000 KRW here.
3 new shades were added to their lip crayon range: Kissy Tint Pink, Dazzling Tomato, and Honey Nude for 18000 KRW each here.

New at TheSAEM

There are 30 new Saemmul eyeshadows. For mattes go here, for glitters here, and shimmers here
There are a few new base products: Saemmul Cover Foundation, 2 shades here. Saemmul Perfect Pore BB Cream here. Saemmul Moist BB Cream here.
4 new Saemmul Blushers here.
New Saemmul Eye Primer here.
There's also a new makeup remover / first cleanser out by the name of Natural Condition Sorbet Cleanser here.

IOPE Shimmering Lip Oil

IOPE's new shimmering lip oil uses fruit oils to hydrate and condition your lips. It's available here for 23000 KRW.

NEWS (Links I Loved)

AskDerm unveils IPKN (Korean brand) New York Artistic Wave Makeup Applicator

A company called the O'r Company has released their Lalita Bear Oil Soothing Cream. Bear oil was accepted as a cosmetic raw material for the first time in 2010. It contains 70% unsaturated fatty acids.

Blogger TheHoneySeed Does a Roundup on Botanical Extracts

Canadian model Coco Rocha is the new face of VDL

IIVS continues its work with China's labs on animal testing alternatives By Michelle Yeomans+, 15-Oct-2015
The Institute for In Vitro Sciences is still very much present in China years after the first introduction of the animal testing alternative, continuing to build labs and educate scientists at the Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration Institute.

Makeon (Korean brand) wins 2015 Japan Good Design Award for its Beauty Devices

New K-beauty Retailer Takes on South East Asia After Influx of Investment

Skin Metagenetics Offers Acne Insights

Study shows beauty patch effectiveness in keeping skin tissue supple By Andrew McDougall+, 14-Oct-2015
A research team in Finland has demonstrated the effectiveness of its beauty patch to help skin absorption of cosmetics products, using a technique for imaging live tissue.

Study uses novel technology to show skin lightness decreases with age By Andrew McDougall+, 13-Oct-2015
A new study using a novel technology to analyse the skin has demonstrated that as we get older our skin lightness decreases and there is an increase in dyspigmentation, and this could lead to futue analysis of the skin for cosmetic developments.

Teen Discovers Way to Stop Allergies Before They Start

Which launches are you excited about?

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