November Week 1 K-beauty Skincare Launches

Saturday, November 7, 2015

These are the new skincare releases for the week. Most are freshly announced or only sold on the official Korean site for now, but Tester Korea may carry them very shortly.

Hera announces Retinol Wrinkle Corrector (40 ml / 85000 KRW)

On 11/3, Hera announced its plans to release a Retinol Wrinkle Corrector. This product features Hera's proprietary retino-force complex (TM) in conjunction with rye extract and hyaluronic acid. What's so special about this release? Korean skincare isn't big on retinol, so finding a good one is kind of tough. Stay tuned for updates. Once released this product will be accessible by using a shipping service, like

23 Years Old's innovative anti-acne approach

23 Year Old's Banchangko Gel 30 has been rising in popularity due to its value. One tube priced at 13000 KRW being enough for 200+ uses vs. the average 20 piece set of hydrocolloid patches for 3000 KRW. The banchangko gel works under the same premise as hydrocolloid patches in that it seals off the acne from the outside environment, only the gel is also equipped to treat the issues as it is infused with tea tree and salicylic acid. This product has been available to foreign markets for some time already by way of where it is carried for $13.99 here.

That's not all... 23 Years Old debuts a Rubber Modeling Pack

The Aqua Bab Modeling Mask comes with a crystal gel (kind of like an essence) to be mixed into the modeling mask powder to form an extra nourishing modeling pack. A pack of 4 retails for 26600 KRW here.

NEW Mediheal x LINE character masks!

Mediheal repackaged their hit masks with LINE (social network) character packaging! These are already available for 3000 KRW at medihealshop. Accessible via shipping service like

NEW BRAND: Round A'Round at Olive Young

Olive Young debuted a new brand called Round A'Round this past week. The brand features minimalist packaging and its star ingredients are based around flowers. Their Magnolia Blending Serum (50ml/30000KRW) is a bubble serum that brightens. There are additional serums that feature artichoke, and rosehips. The Essential Boosting Hydrator (120ml/28000 KRW) contains fermented oils as do their creams (50ml/~28000KRW). The line also contains peeling gels, a clay to foam cleanser, bubble baths and fragrances. View the collection here. Accessible via shipping service like

New at A'pieu 

1) All of the new sheet masks retail for 1000 KRW: Orange Slice Masks here, Cucumber Slice Masks here, and Peach Yogurt Masks here.
2) Camellia Body Cream and Sunflower Body Cream are both 5000 KRW.
3) Fresh Mate Milk Mask is a sleeping mask that retails for 2500 KRW here.
4) Rose Dew Drop Brightening Toner is 14000 KRW here.
5) 3 new cleansers retail for 4500 KRW each: Jelly Brightening Cleansing Foam here, Slippery Mud Cleansing Foam here, Moist Milk Cleansing Foam here. (WHY that name)

New Masking Trends: Introducing the 'Capping Pack'

New masks from brands like Mediheal have been using a different type of packaging than the traditional juice pouch-type container. Masks like this N.M.F. Midnight Capping Pack come with a spigot that dispenses product. These new masks with spouts allow customers to save the essence and use it multiple times.

New at SNP: Mayu Body Lotion, Fermented Masks

The SNP Prestige Mayu Body Lotion retails for 12000 KRW/250ml here. The new Firming Energy Fermentation Masks are 30000 KRW for a set of 10 and feature fermented green tomatoes, avocados, beans, and coffee. The Aqua Energy Fermentation Masks are priced similarly here and contain fermented grapes, chia seeds, blueberries, and beans.

Limited Edition Hanyul

The Hanyul 'Lucky Night Balm' for face and body comes in limited edition packaging and is on sale now for 18000 KRW here. It contains lotus extract, sesame oil, among others.

New Brand Alert: Thank You Farmer

Thank You Farmer is a mid-range brand that is similar in concept to Jessica Alba's Honest Beauty with its promise to market honestly and to incorporate natural ingredients. Check out their entire line here.

Too Cool For School: New Cleansers and Oils

The new Rules of Skincare line contains 2 new facial oils, a DRMA cleansing foam (15000KRW), and a  DRMA spot stick (8500 KRW)
The Rules of Skincare Prestige Hydro Infused Facial Oil Brightening (32000 KRW) features sunflower oil, calendula flowers, and damask roses. 
The Rules of Skincare Prestige Hydro Infused Facial Oil Firming (32000KRW) features rosehip oil, avocado oil, and marine collagen.

New Missha Time Revolution Vitality Line

Missha's Time Revolution line is the one that famously duped the SK-II Pitera essence with a measure of success. They've gone and released a NEW Time Revolution VITALITY line that centers around cranberries, pomegranates, and hibiscus extract. There is a toner, a serum, cream, lotion, and two value sets [1][2]. Available via shipping service like

Lumaca, a Claire's Korea brand, to launch a set of facial soaps  *Claire's Korea is a group of brands the most famous of which are Guerisson (horse oil cream) and Delacroix (makeup)

JoyCos group brand Hope Girl launches a 20% Donkey Milk AND Oil Cream for 55000 KRW here

Lavida Power Cell Essence limited edition debut for their "119 Campaign" 1 essence sale = 1 child saved (9 - the word for 9 sounds like the word for save in Korean). The campaign donates proceeds to the International Vaccine Fund. The essence features lactobacillus soybean ferment and tremella mushroom extract. It's being sold as a set with a 40ml mini essence for about 80000 KRW.

Flor de Man debuts anti-hair loss line featuring red ginseng saponin 

Charmzone Invests $40 B
This isn't so much a launch, but a rejuvenation. Charmzone is a house of brands that used to be extremely popular back in the day. They're trying to rejuvenate the brand and bring back its earlier glory by securing a $40 B investment. Check out Charmzone Korea's offerings here.

'Hair Vinegars' are trending
Yves Rocher's Hair Vinegars are performing very well at Olive Young, Korea's Sephora. And Welcos Natural Raspberry Hair Vinegar and Holika Holika Hair Vinegars (comes in pomegranate or camellia flavors) have recently been launched. These products are seen as pH-balanced for the hair and ideal for those who are on a 'no-(sham)poo' schedule.

Laneige releases Vitamin Bright Cleansing Water for 22000 KRW, features Vitamin B3

New Aqua Balance line by Dr. G for Men [1][2][3]

DaeDukLabs create new powder in ampoule concept *These are not available for sale as of yet.

Wishtrend now carrying Monstroy Wash Off Masks

If anyone has any questions about any of these products or want to know more about ingredients.... shoot me a note or tweet me @unsightlygimp. If you have a tip or news byte to share with me I'd also appreciate it. I am all about those SNP fermentation masks and the Missha Time Revolution Vitality line this week. What do you have your eye on?

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