November Week 3 K-beauty Skincare Launches

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hi all, these are the new K-beauty skincare releases for the third week of November 2015.

As always, most are freshly announced, or only available on their official Korean websites. These products can be purchased through using a buying service like the one provided by One of the first stores with international shipping to carry new releases is Tester Korea. At times, new releases will start popping up in their store within a couple of days, so make sure to check them out!

MaxClinic Refining Truffle Oil Foam

This all-in-one cleanser contains the "black diamonds of the soil", truffles. The oil-foam cleanser also features argan oil, camellia oil, fermented plant oils, and 99.99% salt capsules. This premium cleanser is available at CJMall for 52000 KRW. Each product contains 110g.

The Face Shop 'Around the World' Holiday Collection

The Face Shop is putting out a 4 piece collection. The theme is 'holidays around the world' and the design was inspired by Paris, London, New York, and Italy.

There is a Cassis House Perfume, a Perfumed Body Set in a white musk scent, a Body Cream Set in either sweet mango or cotton scents, and a Hand Cream set in sweet powdery, pomegranate, or tiare flower scents. Coming Soon. 

Lavome Revive Clear Toner Renewal

Lavome is renewing their Revive Clear Toner. This toner contains glycolic acid, lactic acid, and betaine salicylate to gently exfoliate the skin. It also features hyaluronic acid and flavellifolia extract to add a boost of hydration and skin-soothing benefits as well. 500 ml is 14800 KRW at Lavome Korea. Available now.

Skinfood Royal Honey Propolis Moisture Barrier Cream and Essence

Skinfood has developed a new Royal Honey Propolis Moisture Barrier Cream and an Essence to go along with the already bestselling serum. Like the serum, they contain 20% royal jelly, 10% royal black honey, and 20% propolis. They are currently available at Skinfood Korea as part of a special gift set for 32000 KRW here.

Label Young Shocking Smell Cleansing

Label Young has added a new body care multi-product to their Shocking line. The Shocking Smell Cleansing is a shampoo AND body wash. Not reflected in the name of the product is the fact that it's meant to take AWAY smells and replace it with a floral scent. It's a scent inspired by the drama Answer Me 1988, as they wanted to go with a retro aroma. The main ingredients are lavender, damask rose, rosemary, and lotus. 300 ml is 27000 KRW at Label Young Korea.

Nature Republic Lip Balms

Nature Republic's new lip balms come in adorable little rose or honey pot packaging. Clockwise from the top left are the By Flower Jeju Jam Balm in Honey Balm, "" in Kiwi Honey Balm, By Flower Jeju Flower Balm in Peach Blossom, "" in Rose Blossom. They retail for 4900 KRW at Nature Republic Korea.

If anyone has any questions about any of these products or want to know more about ingredients.... shoot me a note or tweet me @unsightlygimp. If you have a tip or news byte to share with me I'd also appreciate them. I'm strangely not enticed by anything this week. Though I did lose a few press releases in a copy-paste mishap yesterday... Do you have your eye on anything?

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