December Week 1 K-beauty Skincare Launches

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hi all, these are the new K-beauty skincare releases this first week of December.

Most are freshly announced, or only available on their official Korean websites. These products can be purchased through using a buying service like the one provided by One of the first stores with international shipping to carry new releases is Tester Korea. At times, new releases will start popping up in their store within a couple of days, so make sure to check them out!

But first, some exciting news: South Korea Passes Law to Mandate Use of Alternative [non-Animal] Tests for Cosmetics  Korea has passed a law mandating alternative non-animal testing where alternative tests are deemed acceptable by the Ministry of Food Drug and Safety. While this falls short of a complete ban on animal testing, it's certainly on the right track. Thanks to Stephen at for sharing the great news.

At Innisfree: Super Foods, pH balanced cleansers, Camellia Oil-based body care

Innisfree has released 5 FULL lines of products based around the concept of Super Foods. 
Each line is centered around one star ingredient, all high in antioxidants: Blueberry, Red Beet, Broccoli, Kale and Oat. 

Top Row from Left to Right:
1. The 'Super Food Blueberry Rebalancing' line focuses on maintaining the pH-balance of the skin. It contains a cream (50 ml/9500 KRW), skin (toner) (150 ml/8500 KRW), and a pH 5.5 cleanser (100 ml/5500 KRW). 
2. The 'Red Beet Bright Toning' line is a brightening line. It has a toner (150 ml / 8000 KRW), a lotion (130 ml / 8000 KRW), and a cleanser (unclear if pH balanced) (100 ml / 5500 KRW).
3. The 'Broccoli Clearing' line is targeted against acne as broccoli is a natural source of salicylic acid. It has a gel cleanser (100 ml / 5000 KRW), toner (150 ml / 8000 KRW), and lotion (130 ml / 8000 KRW).
Bottom Row from Left to Right:
4. The 'Kale Anti-oxidant' line is for elasticity. It has a cream (50 ml/9500 KRW), lotion (130 ml / 8000 KRW),  a skin/toner (150 ml/8500 KRW) (this I've seen at Tester Korea already), and a foam cleanser that is either sold out, or not yet launched at the official site.
5. The 'Oat Mild Moisture' line is supposed to moisturize without any stickiness. It has a peeling gel (100 ml / 7000 KRW), a cleanser, a skin/toner, a lotion, and cream. The pricing and amount of product is on par with the rest of the lines.
6. Check out the many new Jeju Camellia body care products here. There's a body oil, body butter, lotion, and body cleanser.

BLANC & ECLARE Skincare Revealed

Jessica, formerly of Girl's Generation, made waves earlier this year after starting her own fashion line, Blanc & Eclare and had recently announced a new cosmetics line. The line has launched and is now available at There are 14 products in the line including a silk based cleanser, a toner, essence, serum, cream, eye cream, night cream, mist, sun cream, lip balm, and face masks. Prices range from $16 to $60.

NEW at Nature Republic: 2015 EXO Collaboration Collection and various mini-releases

These EXO (K-pop boy band) products will be available on December 12th. Plans are to release a line of 'Hand and Nature Hand Creams' (30 ml each in sets of 2/6600 KRW) and 'Natural Butter Lip Balms' (3.6 grams/6900 KRW)with comic book-like renderings of the likenesses of each of the 9 boy band members on the packaging. The shea butter and aloe-based hand creams have been bestsellers at Nature Republic before, while the lip balms will be completely new products. They contain cupuacu butter, and will be fruit-flavored. Expect cherries, strawberries, grapefruit, lime, mint, and more... They'll be available at Nature Republic Korea again, on 12/12.

Top Row: Jeju Sparkling Foam Cleanser (300 ml/15000 KRW)
Bottom Row: Bath and Nature Body Lotions and Body Washes. The body lotions cost 12000 KRW and the body washes are 10000 KRW. Both products contain 250 ml. The available flavors are Apple Mango, Grapefruit, Green Tea, Acacia, and Peach. They' are available at Nature Republic Korea which, if you remember, does not allow direct linking to products. Sorry.

SUM:37 Secret Repair Line Renewal

LG's top-of-the-line fermentation based skincare brand SU:M37 often revamps their products. This time, the Secret Repair line got an upgrade. The ingredients supposedly undergo 200,000 hours of fermentation (uncertain if they're also including the time to grow and harvest the ingredients, because that is 22 years) and also now contains a new ingredient sourced from the Greek Island of Chios, called 'Royal Mastic Resin'. The price and amount of product remains the same. The SU:M37 Secret Repair Concentrated Serum is 50 ml / 125000 KRW. The Secret Repair Concentrated Cream, both regular and Rich versions are 50 ml/118000 KRW. The Secret Repair Concentrated Toner is 150 ml/58000 KRW. The Secret Repair Emulsion is 130ml/62000 KRW. The Secret Repair Eye ream is 20 ml / 95000 KRW. They are available at a special discounted price for launch at AKMall. Search 'secret repair' to see the line.

New Brand alert: Laplandia

Interpark Shopping (in partnership with CosMax) has launched a skincare line based around a Scandinavian concept. This line contains hydrating birch sap, antioxidant-rich juniper berries and cloud berries. There are two spa creams, a hand cream, a mist, and a travel set. This affordable line is available at Interpark, which is having a special launch event where customers can receive 20% off. View the products here.

Missha Holiday Fantasy 2015

The Missha Holiday Fantasy collection is part skincare, and part makeup. 
Visit the official Missha website to view all of the details including detailed product photos.
There are 2 Juicy Farm Body Lotion and Shower Gel sets in Wild Cherry and Blueberry Blueberry. These are also sold separately for 5500 KRW here.
There's a 3 Love Secret hand cream set - the flavors are Cherry Blossom, Green Grape, and Cotton White. They are also available separately for 3000 KRW each here.
There are specially packaged Missha Signature Essence Cushions in peach (the Intensive version) and purple with snowflakes embossed on the compact. They each contain 2x 15g of product (there's a refill) and cost 21600 KRW.
There are 6 Missha Dazzling Shadows, which are glitter pigments in warm pinks, oranges, and browns for 8800 KRW here.

Verite Real Power Masks

These new masks by Verite are 3-layer biocellulose mask packs. The triple-layer biocellulose supposedly retains moisture for longer and also adheres to the face better than regular biocellulose.

The Real Power Shine-Up Mask (25ml/1500 KRW) is for brightening and contains vitamin C and a white flower complex with extracts of lotus, cherry blossoms, and lilies.
The Real Power Cheek-Up Mask (22ml/1500 KRW) is for lifting and elasticity and contains collagen, peptides, and a red flower complex with extracts of safflower, rosa rugosa, and peonies.

They will soon be available at Verite Korea.

Vidi Vici Perfect Fitting Line

These two new products by Vidi Vici are anti-aging products. The Vidi Vici Perfect Fitting For Face (50 ml/72000 KRW)is a cream while the Vidi Vici Perfect Fitting For Eyes (15ml / 65000 KRW) is an under eye serum, dispensed by a metal tip applicator for a cooling gentle application. They feature the star ingredients hyaluronic acid, collagen, ceramide, vitamins A, C, E, B5 (niacinamide), mioxinol, and plankton extract. 

NEW at Holika Holika 

Top Row: Pig Clear Makeup Zero cleansing sherbert contains papaya extract for light exfoliation and sable collagen 100g/16500 KRW To be released shortly.
Middle Row: The miracle ingredients in the Holika Holika 'Cheoeum Balhyo Miracle Seed' line are dates. This line is already available at Tester Korea. It consists of a First Essence, a Toner, an Emulsion, Serum, and Cream. Check it out at Tester Korea here.
Bottom Row: The Farmer's Market body care line has a peach flavor and an avocado flavor. This line is also already available at Tester Korea here. The Daily Garden Cleansing Foams in bamboo, rice, citron, and camellia flavors (pictured at right) are also available at Tester Korea here.
Not Pictured: The Holika Holika Daily Garden Lotus Vinegar King Swab Peeling here. These disposable cotton swabs are saturated in lotus extract and vinegar. When swiped over the face, they exfoliate gently. Each kit contains 5 swabs.

Holika Holika has a new men's line called the Nature Force Homme line. It contains camphor extract sourced from Jeju Island to calm skin that has undergone rough shaving. The line has a woodsy citrus scent. It's also alcohol-free. They substituted rice wine extract in place of the typical straight ethanol in most men's products. There is a Force of Nature Homme Calming Toner  (120ml / 14,900 won) and a Force of Nature Homme Moisturizing Emulsion (120ml / 14,900 won). These products are not up at the website yet, but will soon be.

NEW Mise En Scene Style Care Professional Line - with hair lotions, milky gels, and flexible hold hair sprays to achieve either a 'Norm Core' or 'Glam Core' look

NEW Clensure Beauty Device Trio at Beautipop 3-in-1 facial cleanser, vibrating puff, and ion face massager

If anyone has any questions about any of these products or want to know more about ingredients.... shoot me a note or tweet me @unsightlygimp. If you have a tip or news byte to share with me I'd also appreciate it. Do you have your eye on anything? I already have an Avecko order in for those EXO Nature Republic hand creams, and think Innisfree did an amazing job with their Super Foods concept. I hope the products are awesome as well!

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