I'm Meme I'm Brush Dual Pore Brush Rave, Tips & Tricks!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

I'm Meme I'm Brush Dual Pore Brush Review, How to Use, Tips & Tricks!

Back again, this time to show a healthy appreciation for this new cleansing tool of mine, sent by Memebox as a part of their brand ambassador program.

In this post, you'll see me lose my mind over this dual-ended pore brush, and also some tips and tricks for how to best use and maintain this apparatus.

The product I'm talking about is the I'm Brush Dual Pore Brush from Memebox's I'm Meme line of products. You'll be happy to learn it does make your cleansing game stronger, and is way relaxing to use. There are affiliate links in this post.

I'm Meme I'm Brush Dual Pore Brush Review, How to Use, Tips & Tricks!

The argument Memebox makes for this product is that the pore brush cleanses your face much more thoroughly than your hands. Which, is probably a given. I'm actually on the fence on whether or not if that is really the best thing about this product since most people can get a great cleanse using just their hands anyway.

To me, what makes me say 'Accio pore brush!' is more the amazing sensory experience of using it. It's awesome. Like makes your eyeballs roll up inside your head and you start making noises involuntarily awesome. Kind of like those head massagers you've undoubtedly tried at your local mall kiosk... It's that good.

I'm Meme I'm Brush Dual Pore Brush Review, How to Use, Tips & Tricks!

This brush has two sides. The first side is a microfiber brush and the second side is a silicone pad with a ton of short silicone 'bristles' packed very tightly in a circular pattern.

The microfiber brush is incredibly soft and fluffy when dry. When wet, it maintains that softness. Washing your face with this side of the dual pore brush feels like an angel is taking a paintbrush to your face - which I realize isn't a thing but that's the best visualization I could come up with.

The silicone side reminds me of a bed of nails... in a good way.
Hear me out for a second... Before using this side for the first time, I expected it to be a bit abrasive. Because I mean, isn't silicone totally a cousin of plastic? How nice could this side be?
It's not abrasive at all. Each silicone 'bristle' is completely soft and flexible. Furthermore, and this is the part that reminds me of a bed of nails... The tight distribution of the silicone 'prongs' serves to decrease the pressure exerted by each bristle.
This side is best enjoyed when used with water. When dry, the silicone side can cause a lot of friction. But when wet, it offers a really invigorating and satisfying facial massage. There are supposedly added benefits to people who are fighting blackheads and whiteheads. Unfortunately for the purpose of this review, I couldn't verify that claim myself.

I'm Meme I'm Brush Dual Pore Brush Review, How to Use, Tips & Tricks!


1. First, wet the microfiber brush. Then apply a pump of foaming facial cleanser to the pore brush.

TIP Because I'm lazy and don't want to have to work up foam myself, I've found that I prefer to use cleansers that auto-foam like this May Coop Cleansing Mousse (to be reviewed) wallflowering in the background of these photos, or the Hada Labo Gokujyun Foaming Face Wash, which is a favorite of mine. These cleansers dispense fluffy, already-foamed poofs of cleanser. I highly recommend using a self-foaming cleanser, if you're motivation-impaired like me.

2. If not using an auto-foam face wash, take a little time to foam up the cleanser on your (hopefully already clean) hands. I use the top of my hand. Using light circular motions, I work up the foam, and then apply it to my face. Again this is to discourage me from using too much force while trying to work up foam while using the pore brush on my face. Friction is no bueno.

3. Next, cleanse your face using small, gentle, circular motions using the pore brush.

I'm Meme I'm Brush Dual Pore Brush Review, How to Use, Tips & Tricks!

TIP You may want to re-wet your face between using each side. I've found that sometimes depending on which cleanser I use, the cleanser will start to dry on my face before I'm through fully enjoying the hell out of using both sides of this pore brush.

4. To use the silicone side, wet the silicone brush once more and use small, gentle, circular motions to give yourself a nice little face massage. If you think it necessary, or want a deeper cleanse, you can also apply some more foam before using this side. I do not do this.

5. You can concentrate the massage on the areas that have more breakouts like the T-zone and cheeks. It feels sooooooo nice on the cheeks.

TIP Be extra gentle and make certain to not irritate any active spots.

MAINTENANCE TIP The brush comes packaged in a little plastic box. It's best to keep the box as the brush tucks so nicely into it. In order to keep this brush clean, I just let it dry hanging over the side of my sink, and drop it into the plastic box. Just to be certain it remains clean, I also give it a thorough wash weekly as well.

So there you have it, I love this thing and use it every day! I highly recommend it if you're looking for a gentle cleansing tool.

Also, I'm extremely sorry about the delay on this review. I had no idea this product would sell out like it did. However, Memebox often restocks products. If and when they restock this brush (fingers crossed), it will be sold for $12 here.

Do you use cleansing tools?
What is your favorite and why?

Disclosure: This is a press sample kindly sent by Memebox.com as a part of their brand ambassador program. I am not compensated for my views. There are some affiliate links in this post. Clicking on and purchasing through an affiliate link returns a small sum to me at no cost to you as a consumer. Thank you in advance if you choose to help me support my blog in this way. If you are curious about my policy on press samples, affiliate links, and sponsors, please see my disclaimer and policies.

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