January Final Week K-Beauty Skincare Releases

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hi everyone, I have a quick update for you today on the new K-beauty products that were announced or released over the past week.

Most are freshly announced, or only available on their official Korean websites. These products can be purchased through using a buying service like the one provided by KoreanBuddy.com or Avecko.com. One of the first stores with international shipping to carry new releases is Tester Korea. At times, new releases will start popping up in their store within a couple of days, so make sure to check them out!

I've started marking products that stand out to me as **Kinseng Picks**. A Kinseng Pick is either innovative, has a good quality/price ratio, an impressive ingredients list, or is hella cute.

Dr. Jart Anti-Aging Line: Liftra

Dr. Jart+, one of the first global Korean beauty brands has announced a new line called the 'Liftra' line.  Liftra is an anti-aging line; there are 3 products: a cream, a mist, and contour fixer tool. The Liftra line skincare items contain a 'PLA Complex' collagen.
The Liftra Contour Cream (55000 KRW/50ml) is a moisturizer that contains collagen. It provides wrinkle care, moisture, and brightening effects.
The Liftra Contour Fixer (38000 KRW/100ml) is a mist that contains hyaluronic acid and other moisturizing ingredients.
The Liftra Contour Shaper (70000 KRW/13cm) comes with an applicator that will help to lift the jawline and neck area.  

These items will soon be available at Dr Jart.

Erborian Yuzu Sorbet Eye

The new Yuzu Sorbet Eye from Erborian is a moisturizing eye serum with yuzu, vitamin E capsules, other citrus-based antioxidants which help to bring radiance and elasticity to the under eye area. 40850 KRW/15ml at Erborian Korea.

New at Nature Republic

Nature Republic has renewed their Real Nature Ampoule line. The line (original release 2014) was updated with new ingredients and packaging, and an lotus ampoule was added to the lineup. 
Real Nature Ampoules come in Rose (anti-aging), Lotus (brightening), Honey, Olive, and Argan. They will soon be available at Nature Republic Korea.

Also new at Nature Republic are three Greek Yogurt sleeping packs. They come in an anti-wrinkle, nutrition, and whitening variety. 9900 KRW each.

Re:NK Cell to Cell Homme Essence

Re:NK has a Valentines Day set called the Cell to Cell Homme Essence Special Set for men.

It comes with an anti-aging Cell to Cell Homme Essence (70ml), an Homme Total Clear Cleansing Foam (30ml), an Homme Essence Skin (20ml) and an Homme Rebalancing Moisturizer (20ml). All for 150,000 KRW. Soon to be available at Re:NK here.

Pure Heals Rose Oasis 80 Ampoule

Pure Heals announced its new Rose Oasis 80 Ampoule (45000 KRW/50ml) with 80% of the very hardy and very moisturizing desert rose extract. The ampoule also contains Trehalose, Aloe Vera Extract, and Blue Agave. This can be used with the already released Rose Oasis 70 Cream. Coming soon at PureHeals Korea.

Memebox Nooni Spring Water Toners

Memebox USA has added two new spring water based toners to the Nooni line.
The Nooni Seed Essence Toner according to Memebox
...features a lightweight gel-like formula that treats and hydrates like essence and refreshes like toner. Using a hydrating toner like this puts your skin in optimal condition for the rest of your skincare routine.
Fortifies the protective barrier and nourishes with a powerful blend of Quinoa Seeds and Tea Seeds
Olive Oil creates a moisture barrier that protects the skin
Recommended for all skin types, especially dry skin
Free of Alcohol to be suitable for sensitive skin **Kinseng Pick**
...features a premium Sprout Complex that gently removes dead skin cells. Its special AHA/BHA formula gently exfoliates and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. Using a gentle exfoliating toner like this puts your skin in optimal condition for the rest of your skincare routine. It also provides a clean, even canvas for any makeup application.
Gently removes dead skin cells with a premium Sprout Complex (Broccoli, Canola, and Bean Sprouts)
AHA removes dead skin cells while BHA restores the skin's healthy moisture levels to prevent future dead skin cells
Recommended for all skin types, especially oily/combination skin types
Free of alcohol to be suitable for sensitive skin

Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream EX Renewed

The new Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream EX contains a new proprietary ingredient called Hull, black bean, and arrowroot. It retails for 105000 KRW/75ml and comes with a 6 deluxe sample set here.  **Kinseng Pick**

The Face Shop Real Nature Sheet Masks

The Face Shop has 10 new sheet masks available in various 'flavors' as seen above. They retail for 800 KRW each here.

Hanyul Optimizing Serum Pine Edition

The Hanyul Optimizing Serum (original) is one of the brand's bestselling items. Hanyul recently released another version called the Optimizing Serum Pine Edition with fermented pine needle extract for anti-aromatherapeutic relaxation. 65000 KRW. Soon to be available at Hanyul Korea.

Vital Beautie Active Multi Pack

Vital Beauty's new Active Multi Packs are full of vitamins B,C,D, and E (11 vitamins in all), 5 minerals, and 5 botanical extracts to provide nutrients to the skin. The feature ingredient is "Teaflux" which is a green tea extract is cultivated and extracted using Amore Pacific's 70 year long legacy and know-how. 55000 KRW/2.6g/30 capsules on sale now at Lotte.

New at Missha: Chogongjin Eye Cream and Near Skin Aging Defense Serum

The Chogongjin Eye Cream is a new addition to the Korean herb-based Chogongjin line by Missha. It features lotus, deer antler velvet, angelica, ginseng, and much more. 45000 KRW/30ml.
The Near Skin Aging Defense Serum is high in antioxidants to fight off skin stressors in the environment, collagen, flavonoids, beta-endorphins. 28000 KRW/50ml.

New at Club Clio: Goodal Premium Snail Tone Up Products and Peripera Blur Creams

Goodal Premium Snail Tone Up Hydrogel Mask. Joining the Premium Snail Tone-Up line is this brightening hydrogel mask that features Snail Secretion Filtrate, Amino Acids, and White Ginseng. 5000 KRW/1 or 20000 KRW/5
Goodal Premium Snail Tone Up Essence. This essence also joines the Premium Snail Tone-Up brightening line. 42000 KRW/50ml
Peripera Blur Pang Pure Milk Blur is a 'tone-up' cream which gives an instantly brightened and lighter look to the skin. 10000 KRW/50ml
Peripera Blur Pang Peach Milk Blur is a combination 'tone-up' cream and a peach-toned color correcting (cc) cream that gives light coverage. 10000 KRW/50ml.

CosRX Oil-Free Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion with Birch Sap

CosRX has come out with a new oil-free moisturizer with 70% birch sap! The moisturizer comes with a free gift (until supplies last) at Wishtrend which is the first stockist of the item. $20/100ml. Wishtrend ships worldwide. See the full details here**Kinseng Pick**

Dearberry Natural Jeju Cat's Sweet Recipe Hand Creams

Dearberry Natural Jeju Perfume Hand Creams contain shea butter, berry extracts, and botanical oils and is free of parabens, benzyl alcohol, and chlorphenesin. They come in three flavors: Green Tea, Camellia, and Gardenia. Each is packaged with their own adorable Coco Cat cartoon. 9000 KRW/70ml here.

Mimiang Character Masks/Printed Facial Masks

The Mimiang printed character masks come in a set of 5: Animal Seal Aqua Mask, Animal Pig Collagen Mask, Rose Skull Mineral Mask, Sweet Skull Whitening Mask, Animal Mayu Wrinkle Mask. For further details including English ingredients list go here. 27900 KRW/5 masks.

Thanks for reading!
If anyone has any questions about any of these products (ingredients lists, etc.), feel free to shoot me a note or tweet me @unsightlygimp.
If you have a tip or news byte to share with me I'd also appreciate it!
Do you have your eye on anything?

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