January Week 3 K-Beauty Skincare Releases

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hi again, here are the new K-beauty skincare releases for this first week of January 2016.

Most are freshly announced, or only available on their official Korean websites. These products can be purchased through using a buying service like the one provided by Avecko.com. One of the first stores with international shipping to carry new releases is Tester Korea. At times, new releases will start popping up in their store within a couple of days, so make sure to check them out!

I've started marking products that stand out to me as **Kinseng Picks**. A Kinseng Pick is either innovative, has a good quality/price ratio, an impressive ingredients list, or is hella cute.

New at Missha: Line Friends Collection, Super Aqua Line, Miscellaneous Masks and Things

Missha x LINE character collection, the skincare bits (see the makeup here):
Missha Line Friends Edition Secret Love Hand Cream comes in Green Grape, Lemon Grass (Cony Rabbit), Mango Flower (Cony Rabbit), Blue Daisy (Sally Duck), and Cotton White (Brown Bear). These hand creams contain meadowfoam seed oil, glycerin, and various botanical extracts depending on the flavor. 3000 KRW.
Super Aqua Line: The Super Aqua line will be renewed on January 19th.
Embo Gel Mask Line: These are 'nude hydrogels' which means they're gel masks that are extremely thin. The Embo Gel Masks come in Nourishing-Night (collagen/ceramide/honey), Relaxing-Night (aloe/pine/chamomile), Vital - Night (centella asiatica/rosemary/grapefruit), Shining- Night (pearl/lotus/licorice root), and Waterfull - Night (hyaluronic acid/green tea/bamboo). 2500 KRW each.
There are a few new base products... (please excuse me for not including them in the makeup roundup earlier today).
The bb cream pictured above is a part of the Missha for Men line. The Light-up BB Cream has a shade for light skin and dark skin! 12800 KRW.  Lasting Cushion Primer, 10800 KRW.
Lastly, there is a new premium wrinkle care and brightening mask called the Immortal Youth Blue Essence Mask. It features calendula and EPIGENOMYL, fermented Betula Japonica, yeast (Lactobacillus) and neo endorphins.  6500 KRW
Not pictured is a new hair mask called the Damage Break Hair Mask with moringa oil. 9800 KRW.

New illi Hand Gel

Hanbang body care brand illi has a new hand lotion called the Fresh Moisturizing Gel Hand Lotion. It has a yuzu/citron fragrance. It joins the rest of the Fresh Moisture Line and will be exclusively sold at Olive Young.

Welcos Hyo Yeon Hwang Baek Firming Eye Cream

Welcos has added an eye cream to their Hyo Yeon Hwang Baek line. The Hyo Yeon Hwang Baek Firming Eye Cream features Phellodendron Amurense Bark Extract, mushrooms, and other antioxidants to firm the undereye area. 15ml. Pre-launch.

Touch In Sol's First Masks

Touch in Sol is a brand whose makeup products are being sold in Sephora's all over the world. While they are best known for their makeup, they've released their first sheet masks.

It's a set of 7 masks called the "My Daily Story Mask Pack - Week-In-One". Each set contains one each of 5 different types of masks and two random masks.

Each mask has a different function. The Pore Volcano Rock Mask Packc has herbal extracts that help manage sebum, pores, and irritation. The Moisturizing Ceramide Mask Pack has bird's nest, salmon egg, and ceramides to moisturize. The Whitening Diamond Mask Pack contains pear extract and diamond powder to brighten the face. The Anti-aging Pink Rosebud Mask Pack has rosehip oil and the Vitamin Berry Mask Pack contains antioxidant-rich berry extracts. 7000 KRW for the set. **Kinseng Pick**

New Brand Alert: VONIN, an LG H&H Men's Brand

VONIN The Style is launching with three lines. 
The Oil Cut Powdery Line is for oily skin and features citrus unshiu extract. The line contains a Water (25000 KRW/135ml), an Essence (25000 KRW/135ml). 

The Standard Line is for normal and dry skin and has Chisato and berry extracts. The line consists of a Standard Toner (25000 KRW/135ml), Standard Emulsion (25000 KRW/135ml).

The Water Charge Line is for dehydrated and dry skin and features Icelandic ingredients to hydrate the skin. In this line are a fluid (25000 KRW/135ml), and a moisturizer (25000 KRW/135ml).

More Men's Skincare by The Skinfood

Skinfood has launched a three product line called the Black Sugar Perfect for Men line; it has a cleansing foam (9000 KRW/150ml), a toner (17000 KRW/180ml), an emulsion (17000 KRW/150ml). There's currently a special 3-piece set with one of each of these products for 34000 KRW. The Shaving Zone Mask Sheet comes separately at 3000 KRW per pack.

New Brand Alert: Skin Deceleb

Skin Deceleb is a new organic skincare brand that will be joining the Will & Cos cosmetics group (owns Lapcos). They are launching shortly at SkinDeCeleb.

Olive Young x Dreamworks Skincare

Olive Young collaborated with Dreamworks to create a Kung Fu Panda and Shrek/Fiona themed skincare set. The 'Fantastic Deluxe Kit'  has three deluxe samples of a Kung Fu Panda Whitening Mask, a Fiona Scrub Foam, and a a Peel Off Rubber Mask. See the deal at Olive Young here.

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