So-brrr January Week 4 K-Beauty Makeup Releases

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hi everyone, I have a quick update for you today on the new K-beauty products that were announced or released over the past week.

Most are freshly announced, or only available on their official Korean websites. These products can be purchased through using a buying service like the one provided by or One of the first stores with international shipping to carry new releases is Tester Korea. At times, new releases will start popping up in their store within a couple of days, so make sure to check them out!

Yadah x Sonyunara (teen fashion brand) Collection

Yada has a new cushion and lip tint out in cute pink graphic packaging.
They are the All Day Cushion and the All Day Lip Tint. Sounds promising!
The All Day Cushion is SPF 50+ PA+++ and (alas) comes in just one shade, 21 Light Beige and retails for 21000 KRW here.
The All Day Tint is supposed to be moisturizing, and comes in one vibrant pink shade 01 Always Pink, and retails for 8000 KRW here.
They're also selling Sonyunara Rubycell Puffs for 2000 KRW here.

Son & Park Color Shading Liners

The Son and Park Color Shading Liners are creamy eye pencils. They come in 5 shades 01 Black, 02 Brown, 03 Egyptian Bronze which is a shimmer, 04 Gold Beige again, a shimmer, and 05 Marsala. They retail for 18000 here and at Olive Young stores in Korea.

Clio Professional New Blushes

Image: WomanDaily

The Clio Pro Single Face line of blushers will have new colors added to it. This line has pressed and cream blushers.
Pro Single Face Pressed blushers contain soft shimmer and come in 3 colors: Shimmer Rose, Shimmer Violet, and Shimmer Peach.
Pro Single Face Creams are formulated to be long lasting and sweat and sebum-resistant. These will come in Cream Pink, Cream Coral, and Cream Peach.
On sale now for 9800 KRW each here.

New at A'pieu: Satin Color Lip Pencils, Mirror Gloss Tints

The ad for the Satin Color Lip Pencils above hilariously calls out NARS, the maker of one of the most famous lines of lip pencils. This line has 8 shades with 2 reds, 2 pinks, 3 corals, and 1 orange. The shades and swatches can be viewed here. Click into the swatch to be taken to the product detail page. Each retails for 5800 KRW.
Shades: RD01 Live High, RD02 Haley, PK01 Come Again, PK02 Cherry Pie, CR01 Waiting For Love, CR02 Oh Boy, CR03 Closer, OR01 Super Mood

The Glow Mirror Tints are tint glosses with three available shades: RD01 Raspberry Dew PK01 Cherry Bubble CR01 Coral Syrup. The shades and swatches can be viewed here. Click into the swatches at the bottom of the page to be taken to the product detail page. Each retails for 5800 KRW.

BRTC Shez Secret Makeup Box now available

This makeup box is inspired and endorsed by actress Hwang Jung Eum (lead of She Was Pretty) and contains all that is necessary to achieve her look: 2 eyeshadows, 1 auto gel eyeliner, 1 3D tinted lipstick and their wildly popular Jasmine Water BB Cream.
The Jasmine Water BB Cream cotains jasmine flower water and a patented 'blue-phyto complex' to moisturize and sooth sensitive skin.
In the kit, the eyeshadow colors are a glitter gold beige called 1 She's Champagne and a deeper rosy shade called 2 She's Marsala
The eyeliner is in 1 She's Brown while the lipstick is in a pink called 1 She's Color.
They're having a sale right now so all of this is available for 34600 KRW here.

J.Estina Red Beauty Perfectural Moist Pop Essential Pact SPF 30 PA++

J.Estina has a new foundation compact out called the Perfectural (perpetually perfect?) Moist Pop Essential Pact. It contains onsen-sui (mineral hot spring water) from Spa, Belgium for a moisturizing finish.
It comes in light beige and natural beige for 42000 KRW/11g of product. On slight sale now.

Memebox I'm Multi Sticks

Memebox has released new multi sticks. In the line are 2 foundations, 1 bronzer, 1 highlighter, and 2 blush sticks. They are currently running for 16000 KRW here.
Shades: ST01 Foundation 21 Luster Light, ST02 Foundation 23 Luster Medium, ST20 Shading Luster Bronzing, ST25 Highlighting Luster Beam, ST10 Blusher Luster Rose, ST11 Blusher Luster Coral.

LAPCOS Smiley Collection Preview
LAPCOS, the brand behind the adorable Mickey/Minnie/Disney-themed collection in the second-half of 2015 is coming out with a new collection! There seems to be nail polishes, lipsticks, eyeshadows, and a cushion! See their instagram teasers below for a preview.

✨LAPCOS x SMILEY✨ “THIS IS MY SECRET” ✔️립젤 (REAL COLOR LIP-PING)👄👄👄 끈적임 없이 입술에 얇게 밀착되어 반짝반짝 광택의 핫컬러 립젤 이예요 . 가벼운 발림성에 계속 손이가는 제품 💄 ✔️랩코스 프리데이션 (PRIDATION) 프라이머와 파운데이션이 하나로 !!☝🏻️ 매끄럽고 고운 피부를 오랫동안 연출해주는 쿠션 이예요.👁👁 COMING SOON💥💥 ✔오프라인 : 25일 롯데 영플라자 스마일리 팝업 스토어 오픈 (26일부터 패키지 제품 구매 가능) ✔온라인 : 2월 1일부터 구매 가능 #LAPCOS#랩코스#LAPKOREA#랩코리아#COSMETIC#SMILE#SMILEY#SMILEYWORLD #COLLABO#YELLOW#COLOR#CHARACTER#BEAUTY#KBEAUTY#코스메틱#화장품#스마일#스마일리#콜라보#한류 #뷰티#커밍쑨#COMINGSOON#립젤#립틴트#LIP#LIPGLOSS#TWINKLE
A photo posted by LAPCOS (@lapcos) on

✨LAPCOS x SMILEY✨ “I KNOW SEE ME” 캐치유어 아이섀도우 키트 (EYE-SHADOW KIT)👁👁 💗2016 TREND COLOR “PINK” 핑크,코랄 컬러로 구성된 섀도우 키트에요. 스마일리 섀도우키트 하나만 있으면 데일리 메이크업, 음영 메이크업 모두 가능 !!👁👁☝🏻️ COMING SOON💥💥 ✔오프라인 : 25일 롯데 영플라자 스마일리 팝업 스토어 오픈 (26일부터 패키지 제품 구매 가능) ✔온라인 : 2월 1일부터 구매 가능 #LAPCOS#랩코스#LAPKOREA#랩코리아#COSMETIC#SMILE#SMILEY#SMILEYWORLD #COLLABO#YELLOW#COLOR#CHARACTER#BEAUTY#KBEAUTY#코스메틱#화장품#스마일#스마일리#콜라보#한류 #뷰티#커밍쑨#COMINGSOON#섀도우#아이섀도우#SHADOW#EYESHADOW#음영메이크업#dailymakeup#daily
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SKINFOOD Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheeks

There will be two new additions to the already beloved Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek line. The newest shades are 5 Fruit Mix and 6 Plum.
9000 krw/2.5g*3 here. (Swatches are available at this link).

More Western Cushions: Bobbi Brown

Thank you to @ryanraroar once again for a heads up about the new Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Cushion Compact which seems to be in pre-launch mode. Exciting stuff!

Thanks for reading!
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