February Week 1 New K-beauty Makeup Releases

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hi all, I hope you've been well. I realize I haven't been updating this blog very much over the past few weeks but hopefully that is about to change. But for now as per usual here are some new Korean makeup launches announced over the past week.
Again as per usual, these products can be purchased using a buying service like the one provided by KoreanBuddy.com. They often show up at Tester Korea within a week or two as well.

Modi x Unistella Gemstone Nail Collection

Move over glass shard nails, and make room for the newest brainchild of nail artist Unistella: gemstone nails.
She's collaborated with Modi Nails, a brand under the Aritaum umbrella to create a set of 6 gel nail polishes and 5 nail decal stickers to achieve chic marbled gemstone nail looks like below.

The 6 nail polishes are: 108 Crystal Shine, 109 Luminous Touch, 110 Marble Base, 111 Turqui Gelstone, 112 Sapphiring, 113 Diamond Party

The 5 new nail art stickers are: 1 Marble Decal, 2 Gold and Silver Easy Decal Stickers, 3 Glass Nail Stickers, 4 Jewel Nail Stickers, 5 Gold and Silver Moon Jewel Nail Stickers

Soon to be available at Aritaum here (9500 KRW per polish).

3 Concept Eyes Duo Cover Crayons

The new 3CE Duo Cover Crayons are dual-ended pencil type concealers and color correctors.
There are 4 types/colors in the range.
01 Ivory & Beige is a traditional concealer and highlighter.
02 Mint & Pink covers red areas and brightens the skin.
03 Purple & Yellow corrects yellow shades and dark circles.
04 Shading & Highlighter for highlighting and contouring the face.
All will be available at Stylenanda shortly.

Raw Flower Peach Cushion

Rejoice all cool toned cushion foundation lovers, the Raw Flower Peach Cushion is a dewy cushion that comes in a peachy pink tone. The cushion contains an 8 flower complex for moisture, wrinkle care, and brightening with peach flowers, rose, hibiscus, camellia, peonies, cherry blossoms, pomegranate flowers, and tulips. It also has UV protection though the level is not stated. 25000 KRW here.

Holika Holika Pro:Beauty Enamel Volip Tint

Holika Holika's new Pro:Beauty Enamel Volip Tints are vivid, glossy, oil tints that retail for 9900 KRW/4.5g. The formula contains peach and mango extract to help keep lips moisturized and the 6 shades in the range are in order of swatches above from left to right: RD01 Twilight, RD02 Ambitious Red, OR01 Citrine Peach, OR02 Spicy Orange, CR01 Flashy Coral, PK01 Muse Pink.

New at Apieu: Cheek Chok Blushers, Doraemon Bboyan Cushion

The Cheek Chok blushers (4500 KRW) are cream blushes that feature milk extract, cacao seed butter, and fixing powder to ensure the color is long-lasting. The colors in the range are: CR01 Coral Compote, CR02 Rose Financier, OR01 Orange Brulee, PK01 Strawberry Fraise, VL01 Blueberry Mille-feuille. See swatches here.

Next, Apieu has two new cushions out they are the Air Fit Cushions Bboyan Doraemon Edition in Apricot and White.

Each cushion features rice, milk proteins, aloe vera, teatree, raspberry, blueberry, and acai berry extract for a dewy finish. The Apricot cushion is here and the white here. 5800 KRW each.

Touch in Sol Chroma Powder Tints

Get even matter with these new powder lip tints from Touch in Sol. There are 8 budge-proof colors in the line.

The colors in order of the swatches are They are: 1 Morticia, 2 Trice, 3 Katniss, 4 Lilu, 5 Aria, 6 Jessie, 7 Hermione, and 8 Lydia. 16000 KRW/5g at Touch in Sol here.

Etude House Berry Delicious Collection now fully available

Everything from this hotly anticipated line is now available at Etude House Korea here.

Thanks for reading!
If anyone has any questions about any of these products (ingredients lists, etc.), feel free to shoot me a note or tweet me @unsightlygimp.
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