February Week 1 New K-beauty Skincare Releases

Monday, February 8, 2016

Hi, here are the Korean skincare launches announced over the past week.
These products can be purchased using a buying service like the one provided by KoreanBuddy.com. They often show up at Tester Korea within a week or two as well.

I've started marking products that stand out to me as **Kinseng Picks**. A Kinseng Pick is either innovative, has a good quality/price ratio, an impressive ingredients list, or is just really cute.

Apieu Super Food Cream Series

Apieu, the roadshop brand of Able CNC has come out with a new line of superfood creams including a Chia Seed Aqua Cream, Olive Firming Cream, Aronia Brightening Cream, Honey Rich Cream, and Green Tea Moisture Cream. 12000 KRW/115ml.

Renewed Mamonde Lotus Line, New Mamonde Pure White Ultra Active Line

The popular Mamonde Lotus Micro Cleansing Line has been upgraded as of February 1st, 2016. The microbubbles cleanse microscopic dust particles while the lotus root and seeds and cationic polymers in the "Lotus Anti-PM Complex" moisturize and provide deep cleansing. The original line had only lotus flower extract. The line contains a Lotus Micro Cleansing Foam (13000 KRW/175ml), a Lotus Micro Mask to Foam (13000 KRW/150ml), a Lotus Micro Lip and Eye Remover (9500 KRW/100ml), Lotus Micro Cleansing Oil (19000 KRW/200ml), Lotus Micro Cleansing Oil Tissue (12000 KRW/50).

In February they've also debuted the Pure White Ultra Active line which features the lifting and brightening effects of magnolia. There are 4 items in the line: Pure White Ultra Active Essence (35000 KRW/40ml), Pure White Ultra Active Skin Softener (22000 KRW/200ml), Pure White Ultra Active Emulsion (24000 KRW/150ml), and the Pure White Ultra Active Cream (35000 KRW/50ml).

Euphytos (Korean premium hair care) Sebum Greasy Hair Complex Line

The Euphytos Sebum Greasy Hair line contains a shampoo, hair tonic, and ampoule. There is nettle leaf to boost circulation, Italian specchiasol, and watercress extract as well. The line is made up of 95% natural ingredients. Soon to be available at DrStore Korea.

Hanyul Rice Essence Skin Limited Edition Packaging

Hanyul's Rice Essence Skin (Rice Essential Skin Softner) comes in a beautiful pink gradation packaging which was created using ink painting technique of the artist Jin Hwa Jung. The rice in the essence is fermented over a period of 8 days. 35000 KRW/150ml. **Kinseng Pick**

Renewed Primera Super Sprout Serum and New Marula Anti-Dryness Hair Care Line

The new Primera Super Sprout Serum contains the energy of100% natural and organic super black seeds in a complex it calls "Phyto SprouM". It is also ECO-CERTified. 45000 KRW/50ml. **Kinseng Pick**

Primera has also launched a new 3-item line of hair care products including the Marula Anti-Dryness Moisture Shampoo, Marula Anti-Dryness Moisture Hair Serum, and the Marula Anti-Dryness Moisture Daily Treatment. This line gives hair the moisture and minerals it needs through the marula and green barley seed. Soon to be available here**Kinseng Pick**

New at Skinfood

Skinfood has launched a new anti-aging line called the Gold Caviar Collagen Plus line. This line consists of a toner (45000 KRW/120ml), emulsion (45000 KRW/120ml), serum (62000 KRW/40ml), cream (62000 KRW/50g), and eye cream (60000 KRW/45ml). The Collagen Plus complex contains 50.5% gold and caviar extracts to help nourish the skin and give it lifting effects. 

In the new Balsamic Oil Peeling Line are an overnight serum and mask (10000 KRW/80ml), a peeling mask (12000 KRW/120ml), and a peeling mild gel (12000 KRW/145ml). Each product contains balsamic vinegar, AHA, BHA, and olive oil to mildly exfoliate the skin while giving it moisture.

Labiotte Lotus Total Recovery Cream

The Labiotte Lotus Total Recovery Cream contains lotus flower, seed, root, stem cells for brightening, wrinkle care, and lifting effects. Prelaunch, soon to be available at Labiotte.

Label Young Shocking Soap Tiger Soap

Label Young's new Tiger Soap for sensitive skin is a centella asiatica based soap that is beneficial for troubled skin, and gives it a gentle cleanse. This soap contains centella asiatica, teatree, portulaca oleracea, and aloe. 10500 KRW here.

New at SNP

SNP Cream Coating Masks are ultra-moisturizing masks that come drenched in cream. The masks come in three flavors: Aqua Balancing Cream Coating Mask Pack, Tone-Lightening Cream Coating Mask Pack, Repair Cream Coating Mask Pack. 5000 KRW.

The new SNP Bird's Nest W+ Brightening Cream is a moisturizing cream with anti-aging and brightening benefits due to the royal jelly, sialic acid, adenosine, and niacinamide in the cream. 40000 KRW.

Danahan Black Yeast Cleansing Line

Danahan has launched a fermented black yeast cleansing line. There is an oil foam cleanser, cleansing oil, mild liquid soap, cleansing cream, and cleansing foam. Soon to be available here.

New at Missha: Mellow Dessert Packs and more

The new Mellow Dessert Packs at Missha are wash-off packs with a pudding texture. They come in milk, coffee, and peach. 9800 KRW/200 ml.
Procure Intensive Repairing Night Hair Essence is a leave-in hair treatment. 12800 KRW/125ml.
Missha Geumsul Giyun Essence contains fermented ginseng, deer antler velvet, ganoderma lucidum extract, micronized gold, and more. 48000 KRW/100ml.
Missha Chogongjin Youngan Ampoule contains root collagen, red ginseng, black ginseng, sanghwang mushrooms, and lotus seed extract. 45000 KRW/30ml.

New at Tony Moly

Floria Whitening Capsule Essence 20000 KRW/50ml. This essence contains capsules that melt like snow. The essence also contains 5% niacinamide. It has a non-sticky finish. For a limited time, a purchase of a Whitening Capsule Essence will come with a free Whitening Flower Toner.

The new Tony Moly 2X First Essence is a waterless essence based in fermented vitamin tree fruit extact. 35000 KRW/200ml

Prestige Jeju Snail Line - This line contains the best of Jeju Island: Camellia, Green Tea, Tangerine Peel, Fig, as well as 80% Jeju Snail Mucin, Gold, and cactus fruit extract. It comes with an essence (68000 KRW/50ml), an emulsion (39000 KRW/125ml), and toner (39000 KRW/125ml).

New at Etude House

The Fresh Cup Modeling Masks (3500 KRW/each) come in Strawberry Smoothie which contains strawberry extract a source of vitamin C, Blueberry Smoothie with blueberry extract and collagen for nourishing and moisturizing the skin, and Aloe Smoothie to hydrate. 

There is a new Toning White C line at Etude House. This line contains a vitamin C berry complex. This line consists of a sleeping pack (15000 KRW/100ml), emulsion (18000 KRW/180ml), hydrogel mask (4000 KRW), essence (22000 KRW/80ml), toner (18000 KRW/180ml), and tone-up cream (24000 KRW/60ml). A tone-up cream is a brightening cream that usually contains titanium dioxide, which will make your skin look instantly lighter. 

New at Banila Co

There are two new additions to the Banila Co Miss Flower and Mr Honey line, the newest members of which are (from left to right) the Miss Flower and Mr Honey Toner (25000 KRW) and the Miss Flower and Mr Honey Hand Cream (9500 KRW).

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