Get It Beauty 2016 Episode 2: 80's 90's Beauty Looks

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Episode 2 is inspired by Answer Me 1988, one of the most popular recent Korean dramas. The nostalgia factor helped it shoot to popularity since it showed a snapshot of life in Korea in the 1980's. We're joined by special guest Hyoyeon from Girl's Generation once again to travel through time and learn about Korean beauty in the 80's and 90's.

80's 90's Looks per Beauty Youtubers Liah Yoo & Soyoung's Beauty Room

Liah Yoo shows off her 90's look for today's theme - with a darker matte foundation and brown lip liner to give her lips more volume.

Soyoung from Soyoung's Beauty Room is sporting an 80's look with full brows (inspired by Brooke Shields) and orange/coral glitter eyeshadow.

Unfortunately for LeoJ, men weren't wearing much makeup back in the 80's and 90's, so instead of showing off his skills, he instead has done his research and brought a trunk full of the most popular beauty products during that time.

Nostalgia, nostalgia...

In the 80's these "White C Astringents" (toners) were extremely popular. These exact products were featured in the drama itself. Nowadays in Korea astringent type toners aren't very popular as it can be harsh on the skin.

In the 90's, everyone had these pressed powder and cream foundation products called "two way cakes" or "twin cakes". People weren't using shades brighter than their skin tone like they do today, they used shades that matched or were a bit darker.

Another popular item was the brick or brown lipstick - with a little shimmer of course.

Tutorial: 80's 90's Singer/Beauty Icon Kim Wan Sun's Makeup Look

Makeup artist Jung Duk who did the actual makeup of the lead character in the Answer Me 1988 drama teaches the studio audience how to use 80's inspiration and wear it in 2016.

The look is that of singer Kim Wan Sun below.

On to the tutorial!


1. MUA Jung Duk preps the skin by cleansing it, applying moisturizer, and a thin layer of oil (for those with dry skin).
2. Next, she applies a pearly primer to the skin.
3. Since women wore their foundation more matte back then, she decides to use stick foundations - one a half tone lighter than her model's skin and one a tone darker to shape and contour the face ever so slightly. The brighter foundation on the T-zone and center of the face and the darker shade on the outer areas of the face. She blends it out with a foundation brush but says a sponge could also work.


4. Starting with the brows, she follows the natural shape of the brow and fills it in with a brow powder to make the eyebrows stand out a bit more on the face as was trendy during that time.
5. She applies a natural brown eyeshadow all over the lids.
6. Curl the lashes.
7. 80's Kim Wan Sun wore not quite cateyes, but upturned eyeliner so Jung Duk uses a black eyeliner pencil to achieve a slight upward flick. She goes over the line again with a liquid liner to set it, advising that a black eyeshadow could also work to prevent smudging. Underneath the eye, she lines from the center of the eye using a straight line to the outer end of the eyelid.
8. According to Kim Wan Sun, in the past, Korean makeup artists asked one question - pink or blue?

So MUA Jung Duk lines underneath the eyes with a bright pink eyeliner (under the black line), smudges it out with a q-tip, and sets it with a pink shadow.
9. She finishes the look with 2 coats of mascara.

10. Lastly she uses a light pink lip tint to keep the look simple, with a brighter shade in the center of the lips.

80's-inspired K-beauty look complete!

What did you think of the episode?
Do you ever take inspiration from either the 80's or the 90's?

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