Get It Beauty Returns! Episode 1: 2016 Trendcasting

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Get It Beauty has returned for 2016!

Get It Beauty is a network television show on tv network OnStyle that covers any and all beauty-related topics including the latest trends in Korea, the best beauty products, etc. Oftentimes they'll bring on celebrity makeup artists and KPOP stars and actresses to discuss beauty tips and personal beauty regimens as well.

The 2016 hosts are actresses Kim Jung Min, Hanui (Honey) Lee, and editor Hwang Min Young pictured below. Last year, the show was also hosted by KPOP singer Soyou from the group Sistar as well but she will not return.

This year they're bringing on a number of special emcees every few episodes.

The first special emcee is Hyoyeon from Kpop group Girl's Generation.

Hyoyeon is a known beauty addict and her advice for 2016 is to keep everything natural - natural skin, natural brows, natural eye makeup. The one thing she never fails to apply is a sparkly under eye liner called 'aegyosal' because it makes her look cute. Besides natural makeup she also wants to recommend a good red lipstick to give a strong focus or point to the lips.

Hyoyeon's Makeup Pouch

Hyoyeon revealed the contents of her makeup pouch which she keeps with her at all times. She says if she wanted to say meet someone for dinner, she could do a full face of makeup with everything in her pouch. Her most recommended item in the pouch is a soft pink/peach blush by Benefit Dandelion - she's had it for a long time and she loves how it looks different when applied softly and built up. It also looks great on stage.

Korean Celebrity Makeup Artists Predict 2016 Trends

Sun Duk

Ko Won Hae

Kim Hwal Lan

Lee Jin Su

Jung Saem Mool predicts that perfect, flawless skin will remain in and Kim Hwal Lan thinks that the trend will be to have natural 'did she or didn't she put on makeup' skin with a tendency towards using dewy base makeup.
Sun Duk expects foundations to continue to contain more skincare ingredients.
Eye Makeup
Ko Won Hae thinks that nude tone colors will be the most popular colors of the year while Jung Saem Mool thinks that luxe and simple pearly eyeshadows in colors close to the skin tone will be in, she also demonstrates that an aqua blue eyeliner can add a pop of color to the look.
Lip Makeup
Ko Won Hae thinks that popular colors in marsala will continue to trend but that red is big too and can be used in a vibrant, sexy way or in a softer way to look more youthful.
Lee Jin Su also predicts marsala will remain in and perhaps coral.
Jung Saem Mool predicts fruity colors like reds, oranges, pinks etc. will be in but the colors will be more matte than glossy.
Other Beauty Trends
Kim Hwal Lan thinks multi-balm products will be big and Jung Saem Mool thinks base makeup will be more golden/warm this year. Sun Duk again expects makeup to contain more skincare ingredients.

Beauty Youtubers/Beauty Creators Predict 2016 Trends

This year, 3 beauty Youtubers have been invited to join Get It Beauty to cover beauty trends, do makeup tutorials, and review products for the GIB audience.

Leojay's "Glow Lash" makeup

Leojay has noticed that brightly colored mascara has been in, he shows the studio audience today how to create their own set of colored false lashes with nail polish.

Liah Yoo's "Macaron Pastel Makeup"

Inspired by the 2016 Pantone Colors of the Year Serenity Blue and Rose Quartz Pink, she shows the studio audience how to easily use the colors in an eye makeup look that can be worn as a daily look.
She uses pink and neutral tones on her lids while the blue eyeliner is used on the outer third underneath the eyes to give a pop of color to the look.

Soyoung's Strobing/Highlighting Look

Soyoung thinks that extreme highlighting or "strobing" will continue to trend in 2016.
She shows the studio audience how to mix a powder highlighter with an oil balm to get the look.
She adds a candy apple lip color to complete the look.

The Hosts Predict the 2016 Trends

It's the hosts' turn to reveal their top beauty products for 2016

Beauty editor Hwang Min Young recomments the VDL Pantone eyeshadow palette which comes with the Pantone Colors of the Year. The packaging is also Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue.

Hyoyeon recommends a Lancome Blush Subtil in pink.

Kim Jung Min has tried and likes the MAC retro matte liquid lipsticks.

Beauty editor Hwang Min Young picks out two skincare items: an essence oil which is a liquid essence mixed with an oil for a light moisturizing texture from SKII (SKII Facial Treatment Oil). The second item is an eye serum.

Hanui Lee likes the Guerlain Meteorites for a soft shimmery base, similarly inspired by the strobing/highlighting trend.

It looks like Get It Beauty has made a lot of changes and is taking inspiration from many active beauty creators and beauty-loving celebs this year.

The full (unsubbed) episode can be watched here.

Do you watch Get It Beauty?
What do you think of the 2016 trends presented in the episode?

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