Introducing HappySheet: U.S. based Affordable Korean Beauty

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hi everyone,

I've been teasing about this for a few weeks over on my instagram, but I am excited to announce a new project that is officially open this week!  :)

It's called HappySheet. is an online store serving up affordable and high-quality Korean skincare. 

     *We are based in the U.S., and serve the U.S. and Canada.

     *There's free 2-3 day shipping with any order over $50 in the U.S., any order over $70 in Canada.

     *We curate well-reviewed products and have an ingredients first mentality. We love each of the products we carry.

To celebrate our launch, we want to offer you 10% off our already low prices from now until Friday 11:59pm PST with code OhHappyDay10.

We currently offer a selection of sheet masks that have great followings in Korea. They include the

     *Audrey & Young Tofu Mask

     *ISOI Blemish Care Mask which is soaked in their bestselling Bulgarian Rose Serum

     *Mediental Taeban Nutrition Mask which are 2-step masks done by herbal cosmetics brand Mediental

     *Mediheal Teatree Healing Solution Essential Mask

     *Papa Recipe 2 Step Skin Cleaning Solution, an aqua-peel

     *Papa Recipe All Kill Peeling Bong, just the peel part of the aqua-peel, no additional sheet mask

     *Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Masks

     *Papa Recipe Sparkling Bubble Tok Mask

To learn about each of the masks, check out our blog post here.

Next, our first brand is Papa Recipe, a brand that does gentle but effective formulations that tackle everything from fighting blemishes to moisturizing dry skin in the yummiest of ways. We carry the

     *Papa Recipe Bombee Lotion

     *Papa Recipe Trouble AC Toner

     *Papa Recipe Trouble Minus Oil AC Lotion

     *Papa Recipe My Aloe Bottle Gel... and more

Read more about the brand at our blog here.

If you're interested in staying in touch, please follow us at gethappysheet on Instagram

You can sign up for email updates at as well.

Thank you beauties for reading and for all of your support!

The HappySheet Team

P.S. Don't forget to take advantage of our launch sale! 10% off our already low prices from now until Friday 11:59pm PST with code OhHappyDay10.

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