Lirikos Marine Triple Treatment Essence Review: 2 Week Trial & Verdict

Monday, April 11, 2016

The r/asianbeauty community is full of some extremely passionate and generous individuals. Today's post was enabled by /u/ChanYong who sent over this deluxe sample of one of her favorite essences. Check out her epic post about 7 different essences at reddit here.

After having used it for awhile, I wanted to share my take on it... (spoiler alert: /u/ChanYong and I both have an affinity for it).

Lirikos as a brand is owned by Amore Pacific and is one of their premier brands based around oceanic/marine plant life.

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WHAT IT IS: The Lirikos Triple Treatment Essence

Claims are that the Lirikos Triple Treatment Essence contains 3 different types of plankton all with a different benefit to the skin
-Brown plankton: "normalization of skin moisture and powerful energy recharge skin"
-Blue plankton: "plankton to clear your skin with a powerful ability to remove harmful [free] radicals"
-Green plankton: "incredible vitality that is differentiated into cells for 24 hours"

And that the product is a triple threat - a booster (not entirely certain Lirikos means by a booster, there seems to be no set definition), a toner, and an essence that can hydrate, brighten, and firm (wrinkle-fighting) the skin.

Oil-free, fragrance-free, and actually preservative-free (a pro or con depending on your stance on preservatives uv couuurse)

Cute bottle. The larger version looks similar but has a blue-green gradient. Both contain indicators of how much to use per use, although I suggest you ignore them unless using on a cotton pad as a toner, or wanting to throw your money away. lol.

INGREDIENTS: Plankton extract (90.93%), Glycerin, Niacinamide, Glycereth 26, Spirulina Platensis extract, Chlorella Minutissima extract, Saccharomyces ferment, sodium hyaluronate, beta-glucan, adenosine, glyceryl polymethacrylate, water, propanediol, alcohol [INGREDIENTS ANALYSIS @COSDNA]

The ingredients list is quite minimal which is often a good sign, although I'm not that science-y. Those in the know seem to say that formula is often as important as an ingredients list. (Bloggers like kindofstephen, Holy Snails, and TheAcidQueen have got you covered...)

Given that the star ingredient in the essence is plankton extract, it would probably good to know whether it is does anything extraordinary for the skin. Plankton extract, derived from algae, seaweed, and remnants of marine skeletons, is a useful hydrator for the skin but is no miracle worker according to Paula's Choice Beautypedia. Glycerin, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Beta-Glucans (yeast-deriverd) are also humectants and have water-binding properties. Spirulina Platensis and Chlorella Minutissima extracts are superfoods and plants (respectively) that are powerful antioxidants and are also great at conditioning and softening the skin.
Many Asian essences contain fermented yeast extract, and the Lirikos is no exception, although the Saccharomyces is not a main ingredient. Yeast extract is an antioxidant and often has brightening properties. Adenosine is also yeast derived and through mutiple studies has shown anti-aging properties (wrinkle care etc.). Niacinamide (vitamin B3) another potent anti-aging ingredient is present, pretty high up on the ingredients list, although not quantified.

FOR THOSE: Who prefer light, layers of moisture that lasts, or for those with oily skin. Those who aren't sensitive to any of the ingredients like alcohol, etc.

This is a multi-use product and can be used after double-cleansing as a toner or essence.

It comes with dual-sided cotton pads - one side is patterned, and the other soft. To use the product as a toner, simply soak the cotton pad with the good stuff and swipe over the face and neck. Lirikos recommends using the patterned side for the face to help exfoliate, and the soft side on the neck. If you prefer, you can also pat it on as an essence on directly (my preferred method).

PRODUCT/PERFORMANCE: The Lirikos is just slightly thicker than water, but for some reason it manages to hydrate the skin in a lasting way. It's clear and virtually scentless, without that "faux eau de aqua" that you've probably come to expect from most products marketed based on things from the ocean.

I used this essence on and off for ~2 weeks, 30ml goes a long way. And was very pleased with it - it never failed to re-up my skin when it needed some hydration, and furthermore it left my skin pretty soft and calmed redness. I was satisfied because I hadn't really expected too much from the product. Also, just the fact that the pretty stellar ingredients list was all up close and personal on muh skin (aka since essences are among the first products to go on in a skincare routine), made me feel okay about it.

But if evaluating it against the marketing claims, I didn't witness any brightening or firming of the skin. But with respect to brightening/firming, I'd have to have tested it for an extra two weeks. C'est la vie. I'll repurchase it once I'm through with some of the others in my collection...

FINAL RATING: 1 2 3 4 5, and repurchasable, woohoo~

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Which, if any, essences are you using these days?

P.S. You've probably already noticed that I've stopped posting about new K-beauty product releases and the highest-rated products in Korean-language forums. Given that Google Translate... exists and that most new releases end up in the New Arrivals section at TesterKorea within a few weeks, I stopped posting about them. At some point, I'll do a roundup post that lists all of the Korean cosmetics news sources and forums as well so those who are interested can be in the know.

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