Review: Holy Snails's Perseids Oil

Monday, April 18, 2016

Today I'm reviewing a special product that is a concoction developed by an esteemed blogger and acquaintance Chel from Holy Snails. Chel is not only a blogger, but also has a chemistry degree and is now the brains behind a whole line of small-batch skincare products. She is a k-beauty and Asian beauty enthusiast turned Asian-American beauty manufacturer/marketer/saleswoman and distributor all-in-one!

Before Holy Snails was a legit skincare line, Chel started off creating DIY skincare, and was kind enough to share the recipes with the internets on her blog.

If you haven't read-up on her blog and are interested in learning more about skincare ingredients and formulations as well as her K-beauty picks, definitely check her site out. She has posts on comparisons between the Scinic and Shara Shara AIO ampoules, a DIY vitamin C E Ferulic acid serum, Mishibox unboxings, and much more. You can also follow her journey from blogger to skincare company ownership as well.

You might think that I'm affiliated with her given how much I'm talking her and her products up, but I can assure you that I'm impartial as I am merely her acquaintance, and just impressed with her knowledge.

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The product comes in a blueish-purple glass bottle with a white dropper and a silver cap. The oil itself is an amber, viscous liquid, which as you can see makes for a nice contrast. The packaging is sturdy and doesn't leak whatsoever. The dropper doesn't get stuck at all which is an issue I've had with containers like this in the past. There's 30 ml of product in there.

According to Chel/HolySnails, the product is meant for all skin types and since there are many different fruit and nut oils in there, you should probably patch test and monitor for reactions. The correct method of patch testing is to use a few drops on the hands, then on the jawline, and then on the face. 

See below for ingredients and for details on how to use the product.

Chel has included 21 types of oils in her concoction, avocado oil, the most prevalent is a great emollient as are meadowfoam oil, and rice bran oil. Jojoba oil is an occlusive that can act as a sealant for all of the great moisturizers in this product. The Abyssinian oil is just another term for argan oil - which contains linoleic and oleic acids, and palmitic acid to repair and nourish skin. It also contains much vitamin E. Perseids also has so many different plant seed oils things like red raspberry seed oil which is supposed to be high in antioxidants. All of these things made me excited to try this oil.

Ingredients analysis @ CosDNA

I'm happy to be able to write such a glowing review of a product. I used up so much of the oil that I had to remind myself to save just a few drops to swatch the product for you all.  It really gives a little bit of shine and makes skin look healthy and nourished. The oil has a medium viscosity to it and it smells a bit like nuts, there is a little eau de fish in there as well so if you are sensitive to fragrance, then you may want to pass on this one. I use it mixed into my Papa Recipe Bombee Lotion. It's easy to create the perfect texture for your skin. 3-4 drops were enough for me to use during the day (under a physical sunscreen of course, as chemical sunscreens need to make contact with the skin for it to provide protection), and overnight it was often enough as well.

You may be wondering whether the tint to the oil actually transfers onto the skin and it just makes skin a teensy bit darker but doesn't stain at all.

Where to buy: 30 ml for $30 at Holy Snails Storefront Some of her products run out each time she stocks them so watch out for her re-stocks on Sundays at 6pm

Have you ever tried one of Chel's products? If so, which?
I obviously liked Perseids but I have also used and enjoyed Shark Sauce in the past.
Or have you ever tried DIY skincare?

Disclosure:  If you're curious about my policy on press samples, affiliate links, and sponsors, please see my disclaimer and policies.

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