Get It Beauty 2016 Episode 11: The Beauty Layering Episode

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Get It Beauty is a Korean beauty network television program shown on the OnStyle channel. It's hosted by (from left to right) actress/model Kim Jung Min, actress and former Miss Korea Honey Lee, special guest emcee Luna from Korean pop girl group F(X), and beauty editor Hwang Min Young.

They used to release episodes with English subtitles, but stopped back in 2015, so every once in awhile, when I see a show with some useful skincare tips, I like to translate them on the blog. So without further ado, today's episode is called the Beauty Layering Episode and it's all about mixing and matching products.

Luna reveals that she has really dry skin and at certain times, no matter how expensive of a moisturizing cream she uses, the problem doesn't go away. Kim Jung Min suggests using 2 sheet masks at the same time. Even if those with dry skin use a mask sheet a day, sometimes the skin gets flushed and dry still afterwards, she says. The other hosts including beauty editor Hwang Min Young agrees that the use of 2 sheet masks at the same time may help with the issue, provided that the wearer doesn't expect twice the moisturizing results. He goes on to say that this tip would be great for those whose skin is sensitized or people who go out in the sun a lot. 

This brings us to the topic of beauty layering, which just means to mix two products together or to use them one after another.

Kim Jung Min reveals that she also likes to "multi-mask", or use more than one wash-off mask at a time, a clay/pore tightening mask on the t-zone, and a more calming mask on the rest of the face. Honey Lee's tip is to mix coconut oil and a beauty balm or lotion, and use it as a body moisturizer. Luna reveals that she likes to mix honey and face cream together because it keeps her oily skin at bay while moisturizing. Beauty editor Hwang Min Young's tip is to mix body oil into body scrub to make it easier to spread as well as soften the skin during the exfoliation process. Members of the audience pipe in with a tip to add tea tree oil to face creams which is especially helpful in the spring in Korea when there is a lot of pollen and other skin aggressors in the air. Still another audience member states that she likes to mix foundation and a [lip] essence (whatever she keeps in her bag with her) to make her foundation adhere more to her face.

The hosts then introduce Jang Ji Hye, a beauty layering expert which they seem to have connected with over social media. 

Daily Makeup Tutorial
She starts her makeup tutorial by explaining how she mixes all of her products on a thin metal sheet or palette which she uses to make the makeup 'dough' or mixture. She also keeps a dull butter knife with her to portion the products she uses in her Beauty Layering tutorial. Her tips focus on extending the wear time of the makeup and making sure that it's dewy and moisturizing. 
She mixes a matte foundation and a moisturizing primer in a 1:1 ratio and applies it to the entire face using an cc cushion air puff.
Next she uses a green-toned concealer and a pearly base in a 3:7 ratio to make a highlighter on any of the red areas of the skin.
She uses a makeup setting spray to make the makeup absorb more fully into the skin and to extend the wear time. Something like MAC Fix+.
She mixes a highlighter and a pearly base to highlight the forehead, nose, and cheekbones.

Fancy Friday Night Foundation Tutorial

She mixes the pearl base and the foundation along with an eyeshadow pigment together in a 7:2:1 ratio which gives more of a glow. She says she'll often take off her day foundation with a cleansing water and apply this makeup before going out on the town. She uses a dense foundation brush to apply the foundation without any clumping.
She decides to contour her face for nighttime makeup. (She doesn't contour during the day since she's an elementary school teacher and has to answer to kids' parents during the day). 
She takes a bit of foundation, pearly base, and brown eyeshadow to create a cream contour on her sides and end of her nose and her jawline.
She takes a rose quartz colored (medium pink) lipstick and mixes it with foundation to create a sheer, coral cream blush (since foundation has a bit of yellow pigment to it). 
She takes a red lipstick to finish off the look. 

Next, the hosts discuss a few new beauty devices on the market in Korea like a customizable serum-making machine and a foundation matching device.

Below is a photo of the customizable serum machine. It allows people to take ingredient cartridges and mix up a serum that is suitable for their skin condition right then and there.

Below is the foundation matching device. It takes a photo of the skin and comes up with a value that represents the skin color by tone and undertone, using the scale of light to dark, and yellowness (warmth) to pinkness (coolness). Hwang Min Young uses Luna as an example and takes photos of 3 zones of her face to get her foundation match.

Makeup artist Kim Su Bin, who has been on the show multiple times before, comes out and gives a 0.5 Makeup Tutorial - which means mixing different foundation shades to get an averaged out skin shade match.

She mixes two products of different colors to do the base makeup.

Her first model needs a base product that is a shade darker than her foundation product.
She mixes foundation (VDL Beauty Metal Cushion Foundation) and a concealer/bbcream/cc cream to get a perfect match for her models. For more coverage, she chooses to mix the foundation with a concealer, and for lighter coverage she uses a cc cream.

Editor Hwang Min Young explains in an aside that the way shade 21 and 23 came to be in Korean makeup is due to the fact that one company started it and everyone else in the industry followed suit. 

The next model has skin that is a little bit lighter than the foundation MUA Kim Su Bin has in her kit today.
She mixes foundation and what is called a tone-up cream. Tone-up creams are K-beauty products that usually contain Titanium Dioxide which make the product a bit whiter and are great for this task. However, she has chosen a tone-up cream that is tinted peach to mix with the foundation. She advises using brushes to make the skin dewier and moist, and using air puffs to make the foundation absorb into the skin more.

1+1 Makeup Tutorial

MUA Kim Subin teaches the studio audience how to mix two different products to create natural looking coverage with a long wear time.

In the spring and summer, skin tends to accumulate more sebum and oil, so Kim Subin MUA recommends using products that are light in texture. She mixes a foundation into a darker concealer to match her model's skin tone and applies it using a cushion puff from the center of the face outwards. According to the model, the VDL Beauty Metal Cushion Foundation is very cooling on the face (a quick & dirty product review for you).

Kim Subin MUA then makes a blush from a primer (without any pearl) and 2 eyeshadow pigments, a coral and a pink.
She then takes a brown eyeshadow and an eyeshadow primer and mixes them together to create a more pigmented eyebrow powder. She calls an eyeshadow primer a must-have. She primes the eyelid and talks about how because we blink etc. it's an area that moves a lot and forms a lot of wrinkles. Using an eyeshadow primer will give a silky base to the eye makeup and the eyeshadow will look fresh and pigmented all day. She then applies a glittery brown eyeshadow on top. She makes a cream eyeshadow with the glittery brown eyeshadow and primer. She uses the cream eyeshadow to bring depth to the crease.

Kim Jung Min calls out that the eyeshadow palette used in the tutorial is the 2016 VDL x Pantone collaboration one.

To get eyeliner to last all day, Kim Subin MUA suggests dipping an eyeliner brush into gel liner on one side, and eyeshadow on the other side, and applying it gel liner side down in order to get the two to mix into one another.
Next, she applies brown mascara to the model's lashes, and before it dries, takes a burnt orange eyeshadow onto two sponge-tip applicators and presses them onto the model's lashes.

Lastly, she applies eyeshadow primer onto the lips to make the lipstick last longer and also fill in the wrinkles on the lips making them look plump and voluminous. She uses a dried rose (mauve-ish) color to finish the makeup.

What did you think of the episode?
Will you be using any of the tips presented?

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