Get It Beauty 2016 Episode 15: "Aging Backwards"

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Get It Beauty is a Korean beauty network television program shown on the OnStyle channel. It's hosted by (from left to right) actress/model Kim Jung Min, actress and former Miss Korea Honey Lee, and beauty editor Hwang Min Young. They are joined by special MC Luna of Kpop girl group F(x).

They used to release episodes with English subtitles, but stopped back in 2015, so every once in awhile, when I see a show with some useful skincare tips, I like to translate them on the blog. Today's episode is all about tips and tricks to make everyone think you're aging backwards.

The hosts try to guess what the three celebs pictured on the jumbotron screen have in common. 

The show starts by introducing 3 Korean celebrities (Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Hee, and Kim Hee Ae); the hosts are asked to guess what they have in common. The commonality is that they are known to be 'babyfaces'. Host Honey Lee introduces the topic, stating that people may be born babyfaces, but it's possible for anyone to rewind the clock by using the tips presented on today's show, the "Her Time is Flowing Backwards" special. This episode is all about cultivating beauty and skincare habits that will have everyone guessing your age.

Honey Lee says that there are certain habits that can be extra aging - like wearing heavy, long, dangly earrings. They bring onto the stage an expert in the topic and bonafied babyface herself, Ms. Jo Ae Kyung (52 years old). Ms. Jo Ae Kyung explains that long, heavy, dangly earrings weigh down the ear lobes and stretch them out, and that this is only one of the many habits that accelerate visible aging.

The hosts pivot and decide to give the studio audience a quiz on which habits might be aging to the skin with a little video segment featuring comedian Lee Se Young (pictured above) at her home. As Lee Se Young applies her daytime skincare routine (she uses 7 cotton pads' worth of toner, then an anti-aging essence vigorously tapped into the skin for absorption, she advises to only use products as necessary, she then applies bb cream and lipstick) , the audience members are asked to identify at least two of the habits shown in the segment that are secretly aging to the skin. Some of the ones mentioned are: 1) using a toner with alcohol in it, 2) using 7 cotton pads worth of toner which may be too abrasive on the skin, 3) she neglects using a separate sunscreen and 4) she was too rough in patting the essence into the skin which could cause wrinkles. The expert Jo Ae Kyung points out that comedian Lee Se Young used too much toner with alcohol in it, even applying it unnecessarily around the delicate eye area. She also stresses that it's important to use sunscreen at all times since UVA rays are always present, even on cloudy days.

They air another clip of Lee Se Young and ask the audience to once again identify her secretly aging habits. She's shown relaxing and reading a book, ordering an orange/apple/garlic juice from a cafe, and drinking through a straw. She then takes a quick nap with her head down on her book.
The two habits that the audience members wrote down most often were 1) using a straw, 2) napping on her side 3) resting her chin on her hands and 4) drinking drinks that are too sugary. Expert Jo Ae Kyung confirms that supporting the chin with the hands is aging and causes neck wrinkles etc. similar to how using a smartphone can be aging. Looking down all the time has a detrimental effect on the skin in the neck and chin area. She also calls out using a straw which causes vertical wrinkles around the mouth, and sleeping on one's side, which can cause facial asymmetry and wrinkles on the arms.

The third segment shows Lee Se Young seated at a cafe practicing her lines for her role in an upcoming show. She orders a snack, a white chocolate bar which she says has flavonoids that help with anti-aging, and eats the whole thing in one sitting. The audience is asked to vote true or false on whether this habit helps with anti-aging. The beauty habit is revealed to be an aging habit (Answer: False, Flavonoids and polyphenols, both antioxidants, are found in cacao beans but white chocolate does not contain them in high amounts.) Expert Jo Ae Kyung cautions against sweet and oily foods.

The final segment shows Lee Se Young's cleansing routine. She washes her hands thoroughly, even down to her fingertips and cuticles, before cleansing her face. She then dips into her cleansing cream and gets a lot of it (about a half-dollar sized amount) and applies it to her dry face to melt her makeup off. She does a facial massage (all while telling her skin to get more youthful lol), rubbing her skin in circular motions about 10000x, she jokes. After the makeup is melted off, she removes the cleansing cream and makeup with a cotton pad. For her second cleanse she uses a foaming cleanser. The audience is asked a true or false question on whether the facial massage is something that is anti-aging. Expert Jo Ae Kyung reveals that the facial massage technique is too much for the skin and can cause loss of elasticity and more wrinkles if overdone. Also, since Lee Se Young does the facial massage during her first cleanse, she is virtually rubbing her dirt, impurities, and makeup back into her pores. Jo Ae Kyung advises to only massage the face for 1-2 minutes, and to keep the entire cleansing routine to about 2-3 minutes.

There is one last quiz question about dark circles. Beauty editor Hwang Min Young asks the audience a true or false question about this statement: To treat dark circles, it is beneficial to eat salmon or place it on the under eye area. The answer is False. Jo Ae Kyung reveals that topical collagen does not penetrate into the skin and thus is not able to give any long-lasting effects to the undereye area.

2 studio audience members are brought to the stage to reveal their special anti-aging beauty secrets and tips. These audience members were selected because they look young for their age and their skin age was a lot less than their actual age when measured by a skin analyzer. On the left is Lee Sun Hee (33), and on the right is Song Yoo Jin (40). 
Their first beauty secret is a juice that relieves constipation. (Definitely not a phrase I would have imagined typing out on Kinseng). Song Yoo Jin talks about how gastrointestinal problems can sometimes reveal themselves on the face and cause troubles (acne) so she takes care of herself from the inside out by drinking hibiscus tea. Hibiscus tea contains vitamin C and is great for the intestines and constipation prevention. On the other hand, Lee Sun Hee blends together tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, bananas, and broccoli to make a juice that detoxifies the body. She drinks it twice a day, once in the mornings, and once before dinner and mentions that she sees a difference in her skin on the days she does.

The second tip from these two is to apply featherlight skincare and makeup. Song Yoo Jin uses just a toner, cream, sunscreen, and CC cushion for her A.M. skincare. while Lee Sun Hee only uses an oil, serum, cream, sunscreen, and also a CC cushion. Lee Sun Hee talks about how she's used sunscreen every day since she was in junior high and that her routine focuses on hydration and moisture, which she believes to be the most important in reversing the signs of aging. (I concur). 

The last tip is to double cleanse. Song Yoo Jin uses a bar of all-natural soap that contains avocado and coconut oils in the ingredients. She finishes off her cleanse with some Job's tears (a plant used in East Asian medicine) powder to exfoliate the skin. She mixes the powder with water in a 1:1 ratio and uses it all over the face for some mild, calming exfoliation and brightening effects. Lee Sun Hee uses cleansing oil and a foaming face wash. 

The episode ends with a makeup tutorial and a segment called the Talking Mirror (special guest Suzy Bae from Kpop group Miss A) which I've decided to skip for today. If interested in watching the entire episode, please go here.

What did you think of the episode?
Did you get all of the quiz questions right?

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