Etude House and Aritaum Eyeliners & Aegyosal Makers Swatches

Monday, June 20, 2016

Hi everyone, just a quick swatch and review post today of the following 5 products:

* Etude House Drawing Show Brush Liner in Black
* Etude House Drawing Show Brush Liner in Brown
* Etude House Tear Eye Liner in shade 1 White Tear (for aegyosal)
* Aritaum Lovely Eyes Volumer Duo in 1 Love Some Pink (for aegyosal)
* Aritaum Lovely Eyes Volumer Duo in 2 Shine Beige (for aegyosal)

I ran out of all of my eyeliners and aegyosal makers (pronounced 'egg-yo-sall', meaning cute under eye area, which in makeup speak is just adding a little sparkle underneath the eyes, just below the waterline) at the same time, so I took the opportunity to pick up a few I had not tried and tested before.

All of these products I purchased through ibuybeauti, whose name I love because to say ibuybeauti is an understatement for me and I'm sure many of you as well.

ibuybeauti is a retailer based in Korea that carries both makeup and skincare, but mainly their selection of makeup is really great. I've never had any issues with ibuybeauti items going out of stock and having to chase down a refund at all. The only thing I have been disappointed in with their site is the fact that shipping seems to take forever and a day. I shipped these eyeliners through Registered Air Mail, the slowest and cheapest shipping option, and received them 19 business days later. It's agonizing at times but I rarely use the much faster EMS service, which is an available option with the site. They also have a rewards and points system for shopping their site, but I haven't amassed enough to do anything with mine, so I don't have much to say about it as of yet.
Top to Bottom: 1. Etude House Drawing Show Brush Liner in Black
2. Etude House "" in Brown
3. Etude House Tear Drop Liner 1
4. Aritaum Shine Lovely Eyes Volumer Duo in 1 Love Some Pink
5. Aritaum "" in 2 Shine Beige

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I'll be going over the quality of each product in little bite-size reviews. But first, the swatches are below.


This is a brush pen liner with a liquid formula that is rumored to be on par with the Kat Von D Tattoo Liners in the west. I had to try it for myself since I do enjoy a cat eye with the Kat Von D. If this liner is on par, I could pretty much save about a third of the cost of the KVD one.

Color / Pigmentation These eyeliners swipe at full pigmentation from first stroke. The black is a matte, true black, while the brown is a very dark, chocolate brown.

Longevity This is smudge and waterproof, and lasts all day in 90+ Fahrenheit degree weather.

Precision The tip of the liner is extremely thin, thinner than the Kat Von D Tattoo liner, and can draw lines about a quarter of the width of the lines showed in the swatch photo above. One thing to note is that the brown liner is slightly more precise than the black one.

Packaging The packaging really reminds me of the Clio Kill Black and Kill Brown eyeliners where it is a plastic cylindrical tube with a pull-off cap that clicks shut to keep the eyeliner from drying out. The color of the tube matches the color of the eyeliner and the design is very simple - just some lettering, the name of the product, in pink.

Quality / Overall Impression I haven't used it long enough to know if it dries out after a month or two yet, but I do know that first, it is much more pigmented than the Clio Kill liners, draws a thinner line than the Kat Von D and Creer Beaute liners, and has a wear time that is double that of one of my more unfortunate prior purchases, the K-palette brush pen liquid eyeliner. I'm fairly certain that I will be sticking with these two for a long while, unless the Creer Beaute lures me back with its adorable Sailor Moon packaging. This is much less expensive, and is pretty high quality. I do have to say that the black lasts (in terms of amount of product) longer than the brown if you are in between the two colors. Rare is the review I rate an Etude House product as high-quality, so this is a real winner.


This is a liquid (usually) under eye liner used to create a sparkly highlighted area underneath the eye. It's usually brushed onto the under eye just below the waterline. This is one of the cult classic Korean beauty makeup products that shows up time and again in 'Best of Korean makeup' lists. I had to give it a go.

Color / Pigmentation There are four different colors of this eyeliner, 1 White Tear, 2 Silver Tear, 3 Pearl Tear, and 4 Sunlight Tear. White Tear is a pearly white liquid liner with green and pink medium-size glitters that make it the liner seem iridescent. When applied underneath the eye, it looks pretty stark white in artificial lighting conditions, while in natural light, you will see much more pearly iridescence which makes it look a bit more skin-like and natural.

Longevity This is NOT smudge-proof nor is it water-proof, but it does last throughout the day once it's given time to dry down, which it does in seconds.

Precision The brush is a traditional liquid liner brush which if you've worked with before, know that the application is usually 'practice makes perfect', meaning if you're an expert you'll be able to make the line as thin or thick as you like. If you're not a pro, (like moi), it's a bit more time consuming to use. So the answer to whether this liner is precise or not, is 'depends' on your skill level. For my skill level, sometimes the line is uniform and oh so pretty, and sometimes I get clumps.

Packaging I adore the packaging of Etude House Tear Eye Liners. It's shaped like a teardrop vase and the handle is a metallic iridescent rose gold. It's absolutely pretty pretty princess perfection. One thing I noticed is that the liner brush is long enough to hit the bottom of the tube, hence I know that I'll be able to use up most of the product as I'll be able to reach it when I'm close to using this up.

Quality / Overall Impression I would say this is a passable liquid liner. I love the dimension the glitters add to the liner and think that it does a great job of staying put throughout the day. I would say that I think I picked the wrong color for my summer time skin tone - and I should have gotten something either a bit more golden or a bit less white. This color suits someone who is paler than I (an NC21 in MAC terms). Other than that, I would definitely pick up another shade due to the fact that I think it performs well.

All the Etude House products, swatched once more in indirect sunlight


This is dual product that contains a cream eyeshadow-dipped sponge-tip applicator that serves as a highlight for underneath the eye, and a pencil eyeliner in a contour shade to apply underneath the cream eyeshadow. The sponge-tip side auto-loads cream eyeshadow each time you twist off the cap, and the contour eyeliner is retractable.

Color / Pigmentation There are six different colors offered by Aritaum. I veer towards pinks and golds since they look a bit more natural and blend into the skin. Hence why I picked up 1 Love Some Pink, and 2 Shine Beige.

Cream Eyeshadow Side - Love Some Pink is a pale, glittery, and frankly chalky pink. The glitters are the same shade as the base, giving it a one-dimensional look. Shine Beige is a pale, glittery gold that is also one-dimensional. They're both quite pale, so once applied, from far away they look similar; it just looks like my under eyes are shiny.

Contour Eyeliner Side - Both products have a matte, light coffee brown colored pencil eyeliner on the other end. Love Some Pink's contour eyeliner is just a tad darker than that of Shine Beige.

Longevity A sneeze could blow these products off the skin. These don't hold up to smudging nor water. In fact, it's a wonder they stay on the skin at all based on how they perform on the arm, however, when applied to the under eye area, I can get a few hours of wear out of them. About 4 hours if I don't touch my eyes at all and if it's not too humid or raining.

Precision So the sponge-tip applicator with the highlight shade is not meant to be very precise. It gives a medium-thick under eye line which I think is not too overpowering. (See photo below). The contour eyeliner is also not too thin, not too thick.

Packaging The packaging is pretty cool. These are just like the TonyMoly Lovely Crystal Eyes (which are a much better and higher quality product IMHO) which I reviewed last year here. They're dual-ended and the cream eyeshadow side has a sponge applicator that lies nestled in the cream eyeshadow which is housed in the cap of the product. Once the sponge applicator is capped, it sits in the shadow, soaking it up so that it's ready to apply when one twists off the cap to use it next. The other side is a normal retractable pencil eyeliner, and to uncap it, one simply pulls the cap off.

Quality / Overall Impression I would pass on this one. If I had the chance to choose between this and my former TonyMoly Lovely Crystal Eyes, I would hands down get the TonyMoly. The TonyMoly cream eyeshadow has more moisture in it, making it 'sticky' on the under eye area and giving it a much longer wear time. It's also got deeper and more vivid pigment. The only advantage these Aritaum Lovely Eyes Volumer Duos have is that they got the contour eyeliner shades right. However, for me that is a secondary consideration. The contour eyeliners are included to line underneath the shiny waterline to make it look like one has puffy undereye bags, and as someone in her mid-thirties, that's not something I need created or emphasized. I kind of have them already... Anyways, if picking up an aegyosal maker duo, I highly recommend the one from TonyMoly.

>> No links, except for to my previous review of the TonyMoly Lovely Crystal Eyes, which I actually recommend here.

Left: Aritaum Lovely Eyes Volumer Duo in 1 Love Some Pink, Right: Aritaum "" in 2 Shine Beige

Did you find any options you liked in this review?
Also, do you prefer using shine or shadow on the waterline?

Disclosure: There are affiliate links in this post. Purchasing through an affiliate link is one way you can choose to support this blog at no additional cost to you. Affiliate links are marked with an asterisk. If you're curious about my policy on press samples, affiliate links, and sponsors, please see my disclaimer and policies.

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