Glow Recipe $5 Referral Codes: First Come, First Serve

Friday, June 10, 2016

It's 5:00 on a Friday where I am and it's time to celebrate! It is also time for a few lucky readers to celebrate as well. I was inspired by Tracy of Fanserviced to rack up a little good karma and do a little K-beauty referral code dump.

The following 3 codes are $5 gift cards at (U.S. Only). If you or someone you know have been planning to purchase anything from them and would like to use these codes, please have at it.

They are first come, first serve, and I'll update this post when they are no longer valid.

CODE 1: 1dff4704a9f8-cb56e744

CODE 2: 6f3ca4a19790-6c7b7s95

CODE 3: 6f3ca4a19790-5ab92ce5

Enjoy your weekend!

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