NEW 2016 IOPE Air Cushions

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Reports were out that the IOPE Air Cushion was renewed for 2016 back in April. There are four cushions in all:

     * IOPE Air Cushion Intense Cover

     * IOPE Air Cushion Natural Glow

     * IOPE Air Cushion Moisture Lasting

     * IOPE Air Cushion Matte Long Wear

I wanted to share the video below, which was created by the editors over at, a Korean beauty forum, because I thought it was interesting. It shows the texture of the new cushion, more details on what was updated, and tests it against other cushions in the market.

In the video above, the pain points of the original IOPE cushion are shown which include,

     * It's difficult to get product out of the cushion sponge at times, especially before work. (Traffic jams when you're already late...)

     * Excess product always wipes off on your hands, leaving marks on the skin.

Introducing the IOPE NEW Air Cushion.
The video above runs 4 tests between the renewed IOPE cushions and others on the market.

     *First we observe that the foundation sponge looks different. We don't see the normal porous sponge but rather, the surface of the sponge has a honeycomb-type pattern to it, with the 'pores' of the sponge in the circular comb area.

     * The new cushion retains moisture much longer. They stamp a piece of bread with the new IOPE cushion air puff, and compare it with another cushion after 20 minutes has passed. The IOPE cushion product stamped onto the piece of bread on the left stays on longer. The moisture on the surface of the bread with the new IOPE cushion retains 68% water and 30.6% oil, compared to the competition which retains 56.1% and 25.2%. IOPE WINS.

     * The applicator puff has been renewed and now soaks up less of the foundation. The old cushion sponge needed to be flipped over and over again to get foundation onto the puff, because it would run out of product quite quickly. In the test in the video, after 1 week of use, they cut the applicator puff into two pieces to reveal that the new IOPE Air Cushion puff soaked up more product on the inside, thus theoretically, the foundation would run out quicker. IOPE LOSES.

     * The new IOPE cushion is much slimmer, and the editors were able to fit 6 new IOPE cushion cases into their pouch, compared to 5 regular cushion compacts. IOPE WINS.

     * They do an application test by getting product with the IOPE air puff, and testing how many times they can stamp it on a clean piece of foam board and comparing the performance to that of another cushion. The competitor's cushion puff stamped only a few times, and each time, it stamped messily, and it was possible to see fingerprints on the board. The IOPE air puff stamped evenly over 20 times. IOPE WINS.

     * They test the adhesion of the cushions by leaning their faces onto their boyfriend's t-shirt. The competitor's base rubs off and transfers onto the tee, while the IOPE does not. IOPE WINS.

These are available at ShopatKorea for $39.42 each. Which one will you be trying?

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