Disclaimer and Policies

Review Policy
The product reviews featured on this blog are based on my own personal experiences. Your experience with them may vary based on any skin sensitivities you harbor, and of course, your personal preferences. When trying out new skincare, I want to remind everyone to always patch test the product and monitor for reactions. When it comes to skincare recommendations, I try to do my due diligence. I check abstracts of peer-reviewed scientific journals (among many other resources) for ingredients analysis. I am not a cosmetic chemist nor dermatologist, and I do not have paid access to these publications.

Product Testing Period
Skincare Testing Schedule: sheet masks - 1-5x, purely hydration products - 2 weeks, lightening/brightening products - 4 weeks, anti-aging products - 4 weeks, physical exfoliators - 2 weeks, chemical exfoliators - 4 weeks.
Makeup: 1 week at minimum unless otherwise stated, photos are unfiltered and un-retouched except for color correction.

Affiliate Links
Some of the links on kinseng are affiliate links. Thank you in advance if you shop through the links, as it really helps support my content. I do not recommend products that I do not enjoy using or would not purchase myself.

I accept brand and retailer partnerships if I have already been purchasing and enjoying their products and services. Partnership does not affect my opinions on products, and all press samples are declared. Sponsored posts are also declared. Sponsorship enables me to run giveaways, review products that readers may be interested in but I do not have the budget to procure for myself, and more.

Press Samples
I have begun to accept press samples on a case by case basis. I do not accept all press samples, only those that are likely to perform well and are a fit for the blog, and for my readership. Press samples will always be declared.

This policy is subject to change without notice.

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